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Argentinian blogger mothers and influencers with whom you will feel identified

Argentinian blogger mothers and influencers with whom you will feel identified

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Hand in hand with motherhood, in addition to a lot of happiness, we have many doubts: will I be doing well with the children? What games are the most enriching? What healthy breakfasts do I prepare for them? We are looking for information, but some profiles on social networks that share real experiences are also very useful. Therefore, in we have compiled a list with some mothers influencers and bloggers from Argentina with which you will come to feel very identified.

They are all simple moms like you and me that they really cook, with a lot of love and choosing the food well. They are moms who make house arrangements, design tons of fun activities for their children on the weekend, and also have cool ideas for decorating the living room or playroom. And they have time to share it in the virtual community! Here you have the selection of blogger mothers and influencers in Argentina that you cannot miss. It won't take long to understand why they chose social media to share their experiences.

1. Mother In Argentina
Behind Madre In Argentina is Juliana León. After reading many blogs that talked about diapers, breastfeeding and sleepless nights, he had the great idea of ​​creating a space in which, in addition to that, they would talk about everything that comes afterwards, a respectful and attached upbringing that also includes understanding the children, knowing how to listen to them and accompany them when they approach adolescence. As she herself says: "I also have knowledge about: removing lice, doing homework, tidying up rooms, organizing sleepovers, making meals, improvising costumes ... And in this space I share it with you."

2. Woman, mother and Argentine
The first successful mommy blogger in Argentina, long before Instagram broke in. Beta Suárez, author of this must-see blog, began writing about motherhood several years ago. The vertigo of raising a newborn baby is gradually put aside to give way to reflections after years of motherhood and experiences, some good and others that are not so good. If you too think it's time to banish the classic definition of motherhood and build your own, this will undoubtedly be your place to do it.

3. The world my home
The blog of a traveling family composed of Belén Belich, Martín and their daughter Maia, 4 years old. Together they explore the planet whenever they have the chance. They are Argentines but they have been living in the South of Israel for a while or perhaps we should say that they live all over the world, and that is to visit their blog and ask themselves, is there a country in which they have not already been? If you need ideas or just the motivation to travel with your loved ones to that place you always wanted to go, you will find it here.

4. From mother to mother
When her daughter Olivia was born, this mom blogger realized that motherhood is very naturalized in society. It seems that everything related to babies is very simple, so she comes to give a point of reality to situations such as changing the diaper, what to do if the little one has a fever or how he should be bathed. Her main goal was to start something for herself that in turn would help other new moms, of course she has.

5. Argentina Petit Blog
Behind the blog Argentina Petit Blog, in its initials APB, hides Valeria Rodero, publicist and new mother of Amanda. She gave birth in Spain and, upon returning to Argentina, decided to create a virtual space in which to share her taste for children's fashion and home decor. Its motto and essence: "Children should be dressed like children." Be sure to visit it, you will love it.

6. Mama Sana Blog
The popular Argentine actress Romina Polnoroff became aware of the importance of following a healthy and balanced diet when she was a mother. And it was at that moment that she became a mother that she decided to share what she was learning with her followers on her blog and on her social networks, which are not few. Healthy, varied and delicious recipes. No more excuses for not eating well!

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