15 Powerful Phrases To Encourage A Mother With Breastfeeding

15 Powerful Phrases To Encourage A Mother With Breastfeeding

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When women reach the stage of motherhood, one of the things we most want is to be able to feed our child with our own milk and with our own breasts, but we are filled with so many fears. After reading this, your doubts will disappear! 15 powerful phrases to encourage a mother with breastfeeding.

Before starting breastfeeding, women ask ourselves many questions or hear many comments from people that make us wonder if we can breastfeed our little one, if we can produce a lot of milk, if it will be a painful process ...

Today I want to motivate you breastfeed without fear and without doubts, and with full confidence that it can be done and that both for you and your baby it will be one of the most beautiful and sublime moments and stages that you may have experienced in your life.

Breast milk is the natural food with which you can exclusively feed your child up to six months of life and, later, up to 2 years and more, along with complementary feeding.

Breastfeeding provides benefits for both the baby and the mother, and even the family environment. It is the most appropriate of all the milk available for the newborn, because it is exclusively adapted to their needs, contains the nutrients necessary for the proper growth and development of the baby, and is the one that is most easily digested.

It is always available at the right temperature and without spending time preparing it. It is fresh milk free of contaminating bacteria, which reduces the chances of gastrointestinal diseases occurring in the newborn.

Even if there is little or no difference between the mortality rate of newborns fed with artificial milk and that of those fed with breast milk in the lower socioeconomic groups and those who live in poor sanitary conditions, the probability of survival is higher for those who have breastfed, due to the aforementioned benefits and many more. Do you want more reasons?

1. It is the ideal food that ensures the greatest and best benefits for the optimal growth and development of your baby.

2. It is an inexhaustible source of life and health.

3. It is the peace of mind that it gives you, providing endless benefits to the most important person in your life.

4. It is the most powerful bond between mother and child.

5. It is the certainty that your child will grow up healthy and happy.

6. It is feeding your child the elixir of life.

7. It is knowing that while you breastfeed, you are preventing diseases and taking care of my health.

8. It is to provide antibodies to your baby that will protect him from infectious diseases.

9. It is the food that is adapted to the needs of your child.

10. It is the food that does not need preparation, from the breast to the mouth.

11. It is the guarantee of feeding your child with milk that will provide him with all the nutrients he needs.

12. It is a very special moment, as the Mother-Child attachment is established.

13. It is the most practical food and the one that guarantees you financial savings.

14. It is a sublime act, where feelings of love and family union are mixed.

15. It is the gift that God gives to our children through our bodies.

Many moms, especially new ones, have many doubts about breastfeeding or not. Here are some tips that will help you, even more, to undertake this precious adventure of breastfeeding:

- Find information and empower yourself on the subject with professionals and specialists in the field.

- Make the pediatric prenatal consultation so that you obtain all the knowledge of how to take care of your newborn and especially everything related to breastfeeding.

- Surround yourself with positive people who fill you with good advice about motherhood.

- Try to have a good pregnancy, with your necessary controls, good nutrition and good hydration.

- Frequently repeat "Yes I can breastfeed" and trust your mother's instinct. It is powerful and nature is very wise!

- And remember that breastfeeding our children is the most precious gift that God gave us.

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