Multiple pregnancies

Symptoms of twin or twin pregnancy

Symptoms of twin or twin pregnancy

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The twin or twin pregnancy symptoms they are more exaggerated than those corresponding to a normal pregnancy. In the multiple pregnancies, pregnant women can feel the symptoms of pregnancy more intensely, since nausea can be more severe, dizziness and fainting more frequent and general malaise can be aggravated by the intensification of the typical discomforts of pregnancy.

Despite the fact that pregnancy symptoms are different from one woman to another, and it can be said that they are even different in the same woman from one pregnancy to another, twin pregnancies present some symptoms that are considered common:

1. Severe morning sickness and vomiting
Women who are pregnant with twins or twins, or more babies, tend to have severe morning sickness than women who are expecting only one baby.

2. Extreme fatigue, drowsiness and tiredness
Housing two babies takes twice as much energy from the body. If during the first months of pregnancy it is normal to be very tired and have a lot of sleep, in multiple pregnancy the expectant mother presents this fatigue in an extreme way, since her body must generate enough energy for the babies in full formation.

It is totally normal in this type of pregnancy, it does not correspond to any health problem, but the recommendation is to listen to the body and rest as much as possible.

3. Rapid weight gain
Multiple pregnancy needs specific feeding guidelines to properly nourish both babies. Despite the morning sickness, a pregnant with twins or twins will feel more hungry and want to eat.

However, the significant and rapid weight gain does not correspond only to food intake but is directly related to the increase in the size of the uterus, the development of babies and the increase in blood volume that is necessary for the continuity of the uterus. pregnancy. Women who are pregnant with twins or twins tend to gain an average of 5 kilos in the first trimester of pregnancy, when in pregnancies with a single baby the weight gain ranges between 2 and 3 kilos.

4. Increase in the size of the uterus
Multiple pregnancies are noticed earlier in the pregnant woman's body. The uterus grows and dilates further to house the two babies. Due to this rapid growth, you may have to give the good news of your pregnancy announcement in advance. The increase in the volume of the uterus is due to the presence of two babies, two amniotic sacs or a larger one, one or two placentas and a greater amount of amniotic fluid.

5. Anticipation of fetal movements
Most pregnant twins feel their babies' first kicks sooner. Babies' movements inside the womb are an unmistakable sign of their good health. The first kicks of babies are usually felt in a single baby around week 18-20 of pregnancy, while those pregnant with twins or twins usually feel these kicks about 2 weeks earlier.

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