The method with which a teacher is changing the lives of his students

The method with which a teacher is changing the lives of his students

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Can you imagine a teacher who allows your child to express how he feels every Monday and works with him on this emotion throughout the week? This is what a teacher in the United States does through a simple colored post it. Today we tell you what it consists of the method with which a teacher is changing the lives of his students.

I will always remember Miss Paloma, my language teacher in sixth, seventh and eighth of EGB (which would now be the end of sixth grade and the beginning of ESO). She was different from the others, neither better nor worse, but different, because her classes were fun, but at the same time instructive. Without realizing it, my classmates and I learned to take notes, make summaries or make diagrams, something that personally came to me great when I jumped to the senior high school and then to the university.

But, in addition, Miss Paloma had that sensitivity that made her be an empathic person with her students. He cares about us, he was interested in the things that happened to us beyond the four walls of the classroom and he tried to throw a cable in everything that was in his power.

And is that great teachers do much more than teach. They can be mentors, role models, guides, and even confidants. Sometimes a teacher is one of the only trusted adults in a child's life.

Perhaps that is why a photo shared by the Facebook user has touched so many people. It shows a teacher's blackboard (his identity is not known) in which every Monday the students have to place a post it with his name in one of the sections: "I'm fine", "I'm great", "I'm regular," I'm struggling, "" I'm having a hard time, "or" I'm not doing very well. "

This teacher is making a difference in the lives of his students with a simple noteBecause after completing this exercise, they talk privately during the week with each one about where they placed the sticky note and if they need to talk. A weekly check-up on your students that helps them improve their school performance, of course, but most importantly: it allows them to have good mental health and be happier.

Childhood can be difficult, but being a teenager is even more difficult. Yes, everyone is gone through that and that statement may not add anything new, but studies have shown that mental health problems among young people are on the rise. Some of that may be due to the pressures of social media or the omnipresent 24/7 news that accentuates us all. It could also simply be that we are getting better at understanding and diagnosing mental illnesses like anxiety and depression in children and young people.

Whatever the reason, we have to give children and adolescents our full support. With young people spending most of their hours in school, teachers are uniquely placed to offer that kind of support, but figuring out how to do it most effectively can be challenging. This method is simple, but very effective, as it can help teachers determine which students may need additional attention or help with their challenges outside of the classroom.

This photo is a great reminder for parents to realize how amazing teachers can be. Not only do they impart knowledge, they have an emotional investment in our children and they care about much more than their academic performance. Many teachers regularly go beyond the so-called duty of caring for their students, and this photo is a great reminder of how good teachers find ways to help children in whatever way they can.

What are the characteristics of a good teacher? What do today's parents value most: their training or their character and personality? Parents are looking for teachers who know how to motivate our children and who can awaken in them the desire to learn. We want for our teaching children:

- Responsible
Teachers who are fair and equitable and who do not get carried away by subjectivities, who treat all children equally! And teachers who are in continuous training to introduce new methodologies in the school.

- Flexible
People who have the ability to adapt to any situation or circumstance and who improvise if necessary, always within a few orders. Someone dynamic!

- Observer
That he is aware of what is happening in his classroom and that he is able to detect the needs of his students.

- Mediator
Sometimes, the teacher has to be a judge of the conflicts that occur in the classroom, and this is where he has to use his objectivity to avoid positioning himself anywhere. That will make you a better person! It also has to promote integration, collaboration and teamwork among its students.

- Empathic
Before being a teacher, the teacher has been a student and not that can never be forgotten. In addition, it will be the best way to empathize and put yourself in the shoes of your students. And, above all, they will make you a teacher that your students will never forget.

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