Original method of a father to put his baby to sleep with a guitar

Original method of a father to put his baby to sleep with a guitar

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He child dream It is something that parents do not mind. How much should a newborn sleep? How to make him sleep alone? There are many techniques on the market, but not all work the same with every child, so this father from the United States has created a original and musical method to put your baby to sleep. Do you want to know it? You'll love it!

Cody Comer, 21, was playing his guitar in his living room when his wife asked him to take their three-week-old princess for a nap. Instead of doing what his wife had asked him, he picked up the little girl and cradled her on top of his guitar while he played the Merle Haggard classic "Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star."

Nobody could expect the result and less believe: the baby fell asleep in just 10 seconds since her father began to give the first notes. Can you imagine what the reaction of the new mother was when she saw this tender and wonderful picture? "For me, it was adorable and something I had never seen before, although I have to say that at first I was a little scared because I was thinking, 'What if it falls?' But I was so happy."

Her parents say that the girl remained in this position for about ten minutes and, when they made sure that she was "roque", they moved her to her crib so that she could continue to have sweet dreams, although perhaps they were not so musical.

They also say that the baby has had this love of music since she was inside her mother's tummy. "I remember there were afternoons when Cody would sit next to me, put his hand on my belly and start to sing it and then she would start kicking. As if she were excited!", Explains the mother, who adds: " There are days that if we notice that she is nervous, Cody sings and she relaxes. It is something magical! "

According to Cody, the little girl has a hard time To fall asleep, but it seems that from now on they will not have any kind of problem. They have found the key to forget about sleepless nights and night walks in arms with the baby.

Music, especially classical music, has a relaxing power for adults and children, so it is recommended that parents expose their children to listen to songs since they are in the mother's belly. But the therapeutic effects of music go further:

- Makes children happier and feel better.

- It is also important to emphasize that, through music, children can develop their imagination and enhance their creativity.

- Helps the little ones to develop their motor skills, since with sounds, children tend to move much more.

- Music is also a way for children to enhance communication and relationships with others, and that is because they may have more desire to communicate.

- Have you heard of the Mozart effect? Apparently the creations of this famous Austrian composer have frequencies, tones and metrics that help children relax.

- There are even those who claim that the benefits of listen to Mozart music It can also help to improve children's attention span and concentration in the future.

Whether you are pregnant, have a newborn or an older child, from We encourage you to establish the good habit of playing classical music to them. Long live music!

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