How to teach children to manage time on exams (and thus pass)

How to teach children to manage time on exams (and thus pass)

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Often children have difficulty managing time properly during exams for many reasons. They write too much in some answers, they entertain themselves with matters other than the written test, they think about other things ... And, as a consequence, they often do not have enough time to finish the tests, which causes great frustration and suspended. How can parents help them pass these checks? Learn about the best tricks below.

The most traditional way to measure the skills and knowledge acquired in schools, is still, through evaluations or written tests for children. These are made up of a series of questions and problems, which can be easy or complex to solve depending on their degree of difficulty.

However, there is a factor that always works against on these occasions and it is the standard time to solve it, which is generally around 45 minutes or two hours.

The problem is that children sometimes do not know how to manage their resources correctly and cannot finish exams on time. This is because, in the childhood stage, some superior mental capacities such as agility or speed to solve problems begin to develop. It is because of that children are still learning to manage their time.

But, don't panic! This can be solved with some test tricks, which parents can teach and adapt for their children, thanks to the fact that, also in childhood, the skills acquired are achieved through structures and routines.

Do you want to know which children's tricks for evaluations will be useful to your children? Get to know them below.

1. Quick response
This is one of the most used child assessment cheats for kids and taught by parents and even teachers. It is about your child, once he has read the test, answer the questions that appear in his mind at once. This way, you can manage your time correctly, getting rid of the simple questions and focusing on those more complex tasks.

Although, there are experts who differ from this trick and precisely prefer that it be the opposite, choosing the most complex question with the highest score and then going for the simplest. Both options are correct, depending on your little one's preferences to finish the exam on time. But yes, you must teach him the benefits and consequences of each one.

2. Make associations
This game can be effective not only for exams but as a study method. The objective is that they can resemble different answers on the same topic, so they can have a range of options available or make it easier for them to discard them.

This trick is great for categorization or choice questions, such as true and false, completing sentences or matching random questions and answers themselves, as well as for math assessments.

3. Challenge game
If your child specifically has trouble managing time correctly, not just on assessments but doing homework assignments at school, then a good remedy is to make him see the homework as a competition game. In this way, you will be able to motivate your child and help him finish the exams on time.

The goal in this game is to set time and try to 'beat the clock' for each question on the exam. This is also beneficial for improving problem-solving focus.

Beyond these games that will help your child manage the time they have given him for the test, these tips will help him face the written test.

- The nerves they can play against you your children when it comes to finishing exams on time, because the estimated time may seem too short or because they think they won't be able to do it. So it is important that you do some relaxation exercise beforehand, to help you concentrate better.

- Some parents prefer to establish the method of punishments and rewards. So if you achieve the goal you will have a reward, while if you do not, there will be a consequence.

- The important thing is that you take a moment of the day during study time, to teach them these tricks to correctly manage time, so they can effectively adapt to this new routine and apply it without problems.

So don't keep wasting time and teach your child how to manage it correctly to finish their assessments without getting frustrated. You will see how they achieve academic success and gain confidence with themselves.

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