Clothing size chart for boys and girls in different countries

Clothing size chart for boys and girls in different countries

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There is nothing more confusing when buying clothes for children than not knowing which size will be correct. Each brand uses its own scale when labeling garments. Therefore, the best thing when looking for clothes for children is to look at the centimeters, since most labels consider the child's height.

In any case, there is an average that tends to coincide in many clothing firms. Although it is not fulfilled in all cases, he offers you an approximation of child sizing in different countries, so you can find the correct size for your child without so much trouble.

As you will see, the ages of the children correspond to a scale approximate height. Many firms specify along with the age, the height in height to which it corresponds. It is the most reliable way to buy clothes for a child. Especially if you buy online. Before ordering the garment you want, make sure you have measured your child before ... they grow very fast!

Although the ideal would be that all countries contemplate the same child size, the reality is that sizes vary depending on the country where you buy children's clothing, or from the original country where the garment is manufactured and in the worst case the equivalence in centimeters is not specified.

While in Europe there is a tendency to put centimeters in height on the labels next to age, in the United States or Mexico, two different forms of sizing are established, since the width or span of the child is also taken into account. Not to mention the form of measurement used. For example, in Great Britain or the United States, the inch is used, while in most European and Latin American countries the centimeter is used.

You should also bear in mind that in the United States, girls' sizes are usually a little smaller that of children and that in Mexico, from 116 centimeters, sizes XS, S, M and L are also used to increase the width of the garments.

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