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Names for boys and girls - B

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There are parents who are very clear that they want their babies' name to begin with a certain letter, and they will only take into account those options that meet this essential requirement. It seems like a bit of a radical decision, however it is very useful as it reduces the number of possibilities to choose from. If, in your case, you want your son or daughter to have a name starting with B, keep in mind this small compilation of Names for boys and girls that we have done in our site.

Best of luck with your search!

Either because B is your favorite letter, because you want to share an initial with your baby or because you simply like how it sounds, among all these names could be the ideal one for your little one. We have grouped them by themes so that it is easier for you to find the one you are looking for. These are all the options that you will find below.

  • Names for boys that you will want for your child
  • Ideas with the letter B to call a girl
  • Short baby names that are very direct
  • Some long names that start with B
  • Babies with original and slightly weird names
  • We alphabetize the names with B

As you will see below, we have done a varied selection of names so you have to choose from. There are names of biblical origin, German, French, English; you will also find longer options, other shorter ones; traditional names and other more original ... Do not miss, also, the meaning of names before choosing, since it can give you many clues about what the name in question conveys.

Everything is ready for you to find exactly the name for a boy that you like the most, but first, take a look at this video in which we give you some tricks to find the perfect name for your child. Here we go!

We have dedicated this first list of names to all those parents to whom doctors have already announced that they are going to have a child, a boy. After the initial joy after receiving this news, it is time to decide what to call him. We start from the fact that you consider the options that begin with B, right? Well, check out all these names that you might like!

  1. Bastian. Name of Greek origin related to Sebastián. It comes, therefore, from sebastós, which means 'honored'.
  2. Benedict. Name that comes from Benedict. Its origin is Latin and means 'well said' or 'one who is spoken well'. Therefore, it is considered to be a blessed name.
  3. Benjamin. A name with B that is traditional but does not fall into disuse. It means 'son of my pain' and is a name of Hebrew origin.
  4. Bertin. It is a French name that derives in its origin from the Germanic language. It means 'bright'. Sometimes it is used as a shortened form of names like Alberto.
  5. Bertran. This name comes from Germany and means 'illustrious deer'. It refers, therefore, to the god Odin.
  6. Borja. Many parents choose the name Borja for their children for its sonority. It is a name of Catalan origin whose saints are celebrated on October 3.
  7. Boris. If you want this name for your baby, you should know that it is of Russian origin and that it means 'fighting warrior'. His saint is July 24.
  8. Bosco. Do you like this name? It comes from Italian and means 'forest'. We cannot stop naming Saint John Bosco.
  9. Bruno. Of Latin origin, it means 'the one who protects with his armor'. His name day is celebrated on October 6.
  10. Brandon. Name of English origin that has become popular with newborns in recent years.

In case you have been told that it is most likely a girl, you are in the right place. We have collected some very nice names (and not only we say it) from names to call the babies who are about to reach the world. Some of the options are very traditional, but we have also come up with very modern names that also begin with B.

  1. Barbara. A nice name that comes from the Greek and that means 'foreigner'. It is a name that is usually shortened to Barbs or Barbi.
  2. Beatriz. Bea, short for Beatriz, means 'the one who makes you happy'. Its origin is Latin and its saints are on November 6.
  3. Begoña. Name of Basque origin that means 'hill' or 'highest hill'. Some girls are named Begonia after a pinkish flower.
  4. Beautiful. Many parents choose this name to express how precious their daughter is. It is a name of Latin origin popular in countries like Mexico.
  5. Belen. Its saints are celebrated on December 25, since it honors the town in which Jesus was born according to the Gospels.
  6. Belinda. Do you know many girls named Belinda? It is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin that means 'soft' and 'luminous'.
  7. Beverly. Very modern and popular name that also comes from English. It means 'beaver hill' and refers to a very common surname in California.
  8. Bibiana. Sometimes, there are parents who choose this name but written with V, that is, Viviana. Its name day is December 2 and its origin, Celtic.
  9. White Common name for girl meaning 'pure' or 'resplendent'. It comes from the German 'blank'.
  10. Brenda. Its origin is English and comes from brand, which means 'sword'. His saint is May 16.

Children who have a short name have less trouble learning their own names (for them and for all the classmates in kindergarten). In the end, you always tend to shorten longer names, so ... why not put a short name directly? Here you will find several good ideas.

  1. Baru. Very original name whose most possible origin is Sanskrit. It means 'noble'.
  2. Betty. It comes from Beatriz or Elisabet, but it has been so common that it has already become a proper name.
  3. Bertha. To find its origin you have to review the Germanic language. It comes from bertus, which means 'resplendent' or 'different'.
  4. Biel. Among the shorter names, we cannot miss Biel, which is a derived form of Gabriel. Therefore, its origin is Hebrew.
  5. Blas. Direct and forceful name that means 'stutterer'. Everything indicates that its origin is Latin.
  6. Brais. Brais is Blas in Galician, therefore, he shares his origin.

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Long names always convey poise and elegance. So in our site We have also made a small selection of the best ones, both for boys and girls. Ahead!

  1. Balthazar. Name of one of the most beloved Magi. It has Assyrian origin and means 'God protects the king'.
  2. Basilia. Long and missing name that finds its origin in Latin. It is also a name related to royalty, as it means 'belonging to the king'.
  3. Baptist. It comes from San Juan Bautista. It means 'the one who baptizes'.
  4. Berengar. This name is very traditional and can be a bit dated, however it is ideal for all those parents who want to recover lost names. Its origin is Germanic.
  5. Barnabas. It is an Aramaic name that means 'son of the prophet'. Write down the date of his saints: June 11.
  6. Bernadette. 'She who is strong', this is the meaning of this name that has Germanic origin. It is used frequently in France.
  7. Bernard. This long name celebrates its saint on August 22. Its origin is German and means 'strong bear'.
  8. Bonifacio. Name that means 'good' or 'omen' within its Latin origin.
  9. Brigitte. French form of Brígida that is more popular than the Spanish name itself. It means 'strength' and in English it would be Bridget.

There are parents obsessed with finding a unique name for their babies. And it is a great way to convey an extra touch of personality to the boy or girl. However, we must be careful with the name we choose for the baby. And it is that one that is too rare, that gives rise to humiliation or ridicule, can be counterproductive. Here we give you some original but beautiful options.

  1. Barabbas. This name will sound familiar to you because it is the bandit who was freed from the cross instead of Jesus. Its origin is Aramaic and means 'son of the father'.
  2. Benicio. Name popularized today by actor and producer Benicio del Toro. Its origin is Latin and means 'friend of riding'.
  3. Benign. If there are parents who choose this name a little strange and old, it is because of its beautiful meaning, 'benevolent', 'that does not hurt'.
  4. Bjorn. It is one of the most common Scandinavian names. It means 'bear'.
  5. Braulio. His saints are on March 26. It means 'sword shine'. Its origin is Germanic.
  6. Brian. Very original name that is slowly spreading. Its origin is Gaelic and means 'hill'. Her form for a girl would be Briana.
  7. Breeze. It is a very new name, ideal for a girl who has a calm personality.
  8. Bruce. Of Scottish origin, it is a modern name in Spanish-speaking countries.
  9. Byron. English name that reminds us of the last name of the famous poet Lord Byron.

So that all these names are much clearer and it is easier for you to know their origin and meaning, we have arranged them alphabetically. Along with each name, we have added where it comes from and what it traditionally means. Will the name for your baby be here? There are options for both girls and boys.

BALDOMEROGermanoBold, distinguished
BALTHAZARChaldeanOwner of the treasure
BARACKAfricanBlessed, blessed
BEATRIZLatinWhat makes happy
BELENHebrewBread house
BENJAMINHebrewFavorite son
BERENICEGreekShe gives the victory
BARNABASHebrewSon of prophecy
BERNARDINOGermanoStrong bear
BERNARDINEGermanoStrong bear
BERNARDGermanoBold as a bear
WHITEGermanoPure, brilliant
BRUNILDAGermanoDark Maiden of Battle
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