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Ideas for decorating Easter eggs

Ideas for decorating Easter eggs

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Creative tips for decorating Easter eggs


11- Decorating Easter eggs with paintings of typographic symbols such as asterisks is also a good idea for children who are starting to paint. They can also paint letters or numbers.

Ideas to decorate beautiful Easter eggs. You only need a piece of green felt for the legs and another piece of yellow felt for the chick's wings. The rest can be painted with markers.

To get this multicolored egg, you need paints in three different colors, the ones you like the most. With the help of a brush, make zigzag drawings. Very original.

12- The decoration of this Easter egg has paint and heart stickers. Very easy to do.

9- With the help of a round cork, you can decorate this Easter egg with little colored daisies.

To get these cute chicks, you need yellow, black and orange paint, and some green for the grass, and a lot of will. To top it off, stick a small bow made with satin ribbons of the color you like best.

With some paint (dye or marker), a piece of cardboard and felt, as well as some eyes and jelly beans, you can make a very original decoration for the Easter egg.

10- For children who have more skills with the brush and tempera, this proposal is great for them. Paint a flower to give Easter a more springy look.

13- The white petals of this daisy can give Easter eggs a very versatile and springy air.

If the family likes more African-themed designs, this idea will suit you great. Children will be able to use stronger colors.

If the child is still very young and wants to take his first steps in decorating eggs, this is a good idea. These are scribbles of all colors that can be done with both brushes and fingers

Painting the eggs in a single color and then painting some stripes with the brush is an ideal proposal for those who are starting to decorate Easter eggs.

For Rugby lovers, this idea is very appropriate. Just paint the egg yellow, then make some fine brown stripes.

18- For this proposal, it is not necessary to paint the entire egg. On the shell, paint with markers some stripes and some floral motifs.

19- In this case, the egg is painted yellow, then some brown spots, and on top, with a marker, this cute chick is painted.

Among the countless materials that we can use to decorate Easter eggs, felt is one of the most suitable. In this case, the felt flower was combined with its tempera leaves.

21- For children who are still very young and who are beginning to enjoy stickers or stickers, this proposal is ideal. Simply paint the entire egg in your favorite color and then decorate them with fun stickers.

23- This beautiful decoration proposal for Easter eggs looks a lot. The egg is painted in a single color and then motifs such as eyes, sun, spirals, moon, etc. are painted over it.

This proposal is aimed at sports lovers, and tennis in particular. It is enough to paint the whole egg white and then make some red stripes as we can see in this photo.

Young children love finger painting and shaping. The important thing in these cases is that they have fun with their originality.

This is an example that different materials can be used to decorate Easter eggs. In this case, in addition to painting, felt-tip pens and stickers are used.

This Easter egg looks like a melon, right? A very beautiful proposal that looks great and very easy to do.

The decoration of this Easter egg is very simple. With the help of a black marker, the faces of this nice couple of rabbits are drawn, and then some ears are cut out of white cardboard and glued to the upper end of the egg.

22- What do you think if we give Easter eggs faces? With the help of a black marker, you can paint little eyes, mouth, nose ... with different expressions: sad, happy, thoughtful, etc.

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