Animal jokes for kids

Animal jokes for kids

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Here you have a selection of animal jokes to have a fun time and make children laugh. Jokes can be a good tool to spark laughter in children. Thus has selected the best jokes about cats, dogs, elephants, ducks, mice ... for children.

Enjoy with our animal jokes specially designed for children. Jokes for children to learn and share and tell their friends.

Normally when children enter the Primary courseAs of 6 years of age, they usually learn some jokes through books and exchanges with their schoolmates. Don't waste any more time and tell your son a joke! Surely you are going to laugh a lot!

A mouse tells a rat:

- What are you doing sitting there?

- I'm waiting a little while

What does a worm say to another worm?

- I'm going for a walk around the block.

There are two lice on the head of a bald man, and one says to the other:

- Alfredo, let's get out of here, this area is already paved.

Why don't elephants ride bikes

Because they don't have the little finger to ring the bell.

How can you tell if there is an elephant under your bed?

Because you are touching the ceiling with your nose.

A cat was walking on a roof meowing: Meow, meow!

At that, another cat approaches him repeating: Wow, wow!

Then the first cat says:

- Hey, why are you barking if you're a cat?

And the other answers:

- Is it that one cannot learn languages?

A lady is at the door of her house with her cat, a man passes by and asks:

- Spider?

And the lady answers:

- NO, cat!

- What is the fish that smells a lot?

Peztoso !!!

- Why doesn't the elephant use Nivea cream?

Because his little leg does not fit in the can

Two animals meet and one says to the other:

- I am a wolfdog because my father was a dog and my mother a wolf. And you?

- Well, I'm an anteater.

- Come on yaaaaa !!!

- What does your dad do?

And the other answers:

- NOTHING. And yours?

- Nothing too

That's two sheep playing soccer. One of them throws the ball very far and says to a colleague:

- "Veeeeeeee !!!" .

And the other answers:

- "Veeeeeeee túuuuu !!!!".

- What does a duck say to another duck?

We're even!

There is a cow, a hen and a horse, and they are all 14 months old.

Who has more months?

The hen because she is 14 months old, something

What did a flea say to another flea?

- Are we going on foot or are we waiting for the dog?

A tuned fly

A man enters a birdhouse and asks:

- What breed is the parrot?

The owner answers:

- I ignore it

and the man says:

- What a beautiful little thing!

What does a jaguar say to another jaguar?

How are you !!

There is a cow, a hen and a horse, and they are all 14 months old.

Who has more months?

The hen because she is 14 months old, something

Why are elephants afraid of computers?

By mouse.

What is the animal that walks with one leg?

Well the duck

What happens when the grasshoppers leave the garden?

Well, enter Primary.

What did one chick say to another chick?

No chirp!

Once upon a time, there were two animals that were very friendly; these were the cat and the rooster.

One day the cat bought a car and the rooster asked him to borrow it and the cat, as a good friend, lent it to him.

The two of them went for a walk very happy, and suddenly when they turned a corner the cat's car crashed, to which the cat says:

- meow

And the rooster replies:

- quiquirisquiaga

Two who wanted crocodile shoes decide to go hunting it.

They killed one two ... one hundred crocodiles, until one said to another:

- Hey, like the next one we kill doesn't wear shoes, I'll let him.

This is a posh girl who goes through the forest, trips and falls into a lake where there is a crocodile, and she starts screaming


What did a goose say to a goose?

- Come ganza.

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Laughter plays an important role in children's development because they trigger a whole series of physiological, cognitive and emotional reactions, which facilitate their learning, sociability, stress management, and allow them to be more open and spontaneous. The psychologist Sara Tarrés, tells us 3 benefits of laughter for children.

1. Physiological benefits of laughter
Laughing helps exercise the muscles of the face and abdomen, making it an excellent muscle relaxant and stress reliever. Laughter strengthens the heart, increases immunity and generates endorphins, which causes a feeling of well-being.

2. Cognitive benefits of laughter
Laughing irrigates and oxygenates the brain, thus promoting increased memory, concentration and attention, aids learning and stimulates creative thinking.

3. Emotional and social benefits of laughter
A child who laughs is a happier child, because he expresses his emotions and releases tension. Laughter is an anti-stress therapy. An infallible tool against fatigue, boredom, tiredness.

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