Easter and Easter

Recipes of traditional first courses for Easter

Recipes of traditional first courses for Easter

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The Holy Week It is a celebration full of both spiritual and gastronomic or more festive traditions. During Easter it is popular to prepare some recipes deeply rooted in the culinary tradition.

In the Christian tradition, this week is characterized by avoiding the consumption of meat, which is an opportunity to try other foods, legumes and vegetables, and fish are more common.

In Guiainfantil.com We have selected typical first dishes of Holy Week for you to celebrate the holidays as a family.

Vigil Potaje. Traditional recipe for vigil stew. our site teaches us how to make Lenten pottage, step by step. Traditional recipe of chickpea, spinach and cod stew. Easter recipes for children.

Garlic soup and bread. Bread soup is an inexpensive and simple dish, it allows you to take advantage of the remains of bread to prepare a very healthy and nutritious recipe for children. Castilian soup or garlic soup.

Soup with fish balls. Fish is important but the 'little ones' don't usually like it. Here you have a noodle soup with fish balls, an original and fun recipe for children. Simple fish and noodle soup recipe for kids.

Pote Gallego. Galician pot is a traditional stew from the Spanish region of Galicia. Meat, vegetables and legumes simmered, prepare it in cold weather.

Minestrone soup. Minestrone soup, a traditional Italian recipe that is nothing more than a vegetable soup to which beans and pasta are added. How to make, step by step, a minestrone soup for children.

Cod croquettes. Cod croquettes are a classic in Portuguese cuisine. Also, it is a good way to serve fish to children. our site offers you a very traditional, fast and very simple recipe for how to prepare delicious fish croquettes for children.

Chickpeas with cod and spinach. Although chickpeas with cod and spinach is a recipe that is traditionally eaten more at Easter, we believe that you cannot resist preparing it when you want it. Follow the recipe.

Chickpea and cod stew. How to make the recipe for cod with chickpeas for Easter. A traditional recipe for Good Friday, this chickpea and cod stew that complies with the tradition of not eating meat. our site invites us to prepare a gastronomic luxury. Spoon food for children and the whole family.

Hummus. Chickpeas puree. Hummus or chickpea puree recipe to make at home. our site offers us a recipe for a healthy, light and nutrient-packed starter for children. Make this Arabic recipe with your children and learn how to combine Hummus or hummus with different foods.

Asturian bean stew. Asturian fabada recipe. Fabada is made up of white beans, a traditional legume that provides many nutrients. For this reason we encourage you to learn how to prepare this typical dish of Spanish gastronomy.

Rice soup. Rice soup recipe with carrot and chicken. Stomach diseases make children's diets have very little variety. To help them recover you have this rice soup with carrot.

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