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Traditional Easter recipes for children

Traditional Easter recipes for children

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Easter is a good opportunity to invite children to the kitchen and enjoy typical recipes of the occasion. In many homes, there is a custom to prepare sweet and savory recipes.

Thinking about it, Guiainfantil.com has selected the recipes that arouse the most interest during Holy Week. We have recipes for torrijas, donuts, Easter eggs, as well as stews, cod, and many others. In short, the best selection of traditional Easter recipes for children.

Here you have a selection of recipes for first courses, main courses, sweets and typical torrijas for Easter or Holy Week. sweet and savory recipes that will mark these days and that offer you a unique opportunity to cook with children.

Between the most popular Easter recipes You will find from the classic torrijas as the most consumed sweet during these Easter days to the popular chocolate egg, which the little ones like so much. Also, of course, all the recipes for the most traditional first and second courses of Easter: cod recipes, stews ...

First courses for Easter. On our site we have selected typical first dishes of Easter so that you can celebrate the holidays as a family. In the Christian tradition, this week is characterized by avoiding the consumption of meat, which is an opportunity to try other foods, so legumes and vegetables are more common.

Main courses for Easter. During the Easter celebrations there are traditions in different areas, including gastronomy. On our site we have selected a series of very popular main courses that are eaten during Holy Week and Easter Sunday with children.

Easter sweets and desserts. Ideas for the most typical and exquisite desserts and sweets eaten at Easter. our site teaches us how to prepare traditional Easter recipes for children and the whole family. Easy, quick and very simple recipes to prepare, even with children. Learn the step by step of those Easter recipes to cook for children.

French toast recipes. We offer you the best Easter toast recipes for children. Easter is a very special time to prepare some typical dishes, we suggest you try a recipe for children of torrijas, the most typical sweet of these dates. Different ways of making Easter toast.

The best recipes with cod. Cod is one of the most versatile fish, and that is why it is very popular at parties such as Christmas and Easter. At GuiaInfantil we offer you a selection of the best cod recipes.

Stew recipes for the family. How to cook stew recipes for children. Ideas of spoon dishes for children. Legume and vegetable recipes for children. Vigil Potaje. Easter stew.

Chocolate Easter eggs. We will tell you, step by step, how to make chocolate Easter eggs, at home, with the children. The Easter holidays are a good time to make fun and curious recipes for children such as chocolate Easter eggs. Learn to do it with your children.

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