Why it is good for parents to share hobbies with children

Why it is good for parents to share hobbies with children

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By practicing a hobby we will achieve the so-called state of flow, a feeling of full attention and concentration that makes us forget all worries and lose track of time. The benefits of this state are undoubted: we release endorphins, we relax and we escape. Why not you share your hobbies with your children And, in addition to disconnecting from the screens, do you get them to learn new skills and have fun with the family?

When I was little, my grandmother taught me how to crochet, well, back then it was called crocheting. Now I continue to knit cushions, rugs, beanbags, hats or bags. I have to thank my grandmother for the patience she had with me in teaching me this hobby that, many years later, helps me disconnect from a hard day at work.

Crochet reduces heart rate and blood pressure, improves math and memory, and calms anxiety. And is that hobbies are creative activities that have many benefits:

- They cause well-being and pleasure

- They put challenges

- They generate satisfaction

- They move away from the routine

- Stimulate the mind

- Decrease stress

- They promote artistic expression

In addition to these advantages at the individual level, we must add those that you get after doing an activity together father-son, mother-son or the whole family as a whole:

- The bond between you is strengthened

- It will improve communication

- It will help you to know each other better

- You will have things in common

- It will increase the trust between you

- You will argue less

- You will enjoy this activity more

There are hobbies with which we identify, because they are activities in which we have a natural talent from childhood, such as painting. If you don't have a defined hobby, think about what you're good at: Photography, handball, cooking? Even if you think they are activities for adults, do not underestimate the ability of your children. They will surprise you!

And to help you find a hobby that you can do with the little ones in the house, here are some ideas! It will be difficult for you to decide!

1. Paint
If you draw well, you can instill a taste for painting in your children from a very young age. Put blackboards around the house, buy rolls of paper for them to express themselves, provide them with finger painting and all kinds of plastic materials with which they can create. Also, if you paint, they will be curious and will paint by imitation.

2. Watch movies
Sitting on the sofa to enjoy a movie together is a perfect excuse to talk about the values ​​that the film transmits and to be able to open a debate with your children about life in general or about specific situations that are dealt with in the film. Of course, we recommend that you first see the classification for minors and thus confirm that the content is appropriate for the age of your children.

3. Restore furniture
Kids will love helping you transform an antique table. Do not be afraid! They can perfectly use a roller or a brush. You just have to explain how. In addition, there are now chalk paints that do not require priming or pre-sanding.

4. Photography
A ten year old can perfectly learn photographic concepts such as depth of field. Share your knowledge with them! It is an informal learning that will remain in your long-term memory and that will serve you as adults. Also, by teaching them, they will feel important.

5. The lettering
Lettering is the art of making beautiful posters and texts with good calligraphy and surprising fonts. It can be done with chalk, special markers or watercolor. In addition to improving their writing skills, children will be able to frame the signs to hang on the wall of their room.

6. Skating
If in your case, your hobbies make you leave the house, such as skating, do not have a problem taking your little ones! Your little ones will exercise, improve their physical resistance and develop concentration, in addition to laughing at your falls!

7. Music
You play guitar? Do you love listening to jazz? Singing is your thing? How lucky your little ones are! Music positively influences the intellectual, auditory, sensory and psychomotor development of the child, so convey your love for this discipline.

With these activities, you will help your children to have other entertainment initiatives apart from technology, you will promote their talents and they can even awaken their own vocations.

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