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12 popular diminutives of names for boys that show love to your baby

12 popular diminutives of names for boys that show love to your baby

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The arrival of a baby is always an event full of excitement and a lot of preparation, but we know that one of the issues we focus on the most is in the choice of the baby's name. As parents, we often give a lot of thought to the name that our child likes the most and, often, we later substitute a nickname or a hypocoristic. So in Guiainfantil.com we have compiled a list with some diminutives of names for boys and girls which are very popular in different countries of the world.

Many couples start this search for the perfect name for their baby from day one, others already have their preferred choices and some wait until the last moment. Whichever name is chosen, it is never random as it is full of some special meaning for the couple. And many of the parents end up opting for a name with a lot of tradition.

Popular baby names are the most used around the world, but that does not indicate that they do not have a special meaning for parents. Especially those who they can easily play with proper diminutives of those names, to give it an even more special touch.

Also known as hypocoristic, the proper diminutives for babies date back to the Greek etymology of 'hypokoristikós',word meaning relative to caress. Thus being a sweet way to give love to your baby's name. So, historically, diminutives seem to have been created as part of children's and family language.

If you are looking for cute diminutive names for your baby, then check out the following guide to popular names for girls and boys. You will surely find one that you love!

We begin with the most special and affectionate girls' names.

  1. Addy or Adri from Adriana. It is a beautiful name for girls in Latin that means 'Woman who comes from the sea'. It also comes from the Roman Emperor Hadrian or from Saint Adriana of Phrygia.
  2. Cami de Camila. Has several meanings. Its origin in Latin is 'She who is in front of or close to God', but it also comes from the word Camillus which means 'The one who keeps the fire'. It is a fairly old name, which was used in the Roman era to refer to babies born in freedom and with living parents.
  3. Gabi de Gabriela. A very popular Christian name for girls around the world, which keeps its own diminutive. It means 'The one protected by God' and it comes from Gabriel, surely you remember him for being the angel who announced to Mary the arrival of God's son.
  4. Tonia or Anto de Antonia. It is a beautiful name of Latin origin, whose meaning is 'Beautiful like a flower' or 'That one that stands out from the rest'. What gives a very original touch to a traditional name for a girl.
  5. Barbi or Babs de Bárbara. A strong and beautiful name of Greek origin that means 'Stranger' or 'Foreign Woman' representing the mysterious and the adventure.
  6. Vale or Tina from Valentina. A name that reminds us of love and Valentine's Day. It comes from the Latin word Valens which means “Courageous”, so it has more to do with bravery and protection.

If you have already been told that you are going to have a child, these are some of the most beautiful options for him, with its diminutive.

  1. Pancho, Paco or Franco de Francisco. It means 'French man or he who comes from France'. Although its origin is not entirely clear, it is said to come from Central Europe and was popularized thanks to Saint Francis of Assisi.
  2. Eduar or Lalo de Eduardo. Of Germanic origin, it means 'The guardian of wealth'. A very promising popular name for boys, don't you think?
  3. Ale, Alejo or Alex de Alejandro. 'He who protects men' and of Greek origin. Does it remind you of an important historical person? That's right, Alexander the Great is the best known by this name.
  4. Chuo or Chucho de Jesús. Its origin is Hebrew and has many derivatives in the world such as Jhon, Yeshua or Joshua. It means 'Yavhé is salvation' and is one of the most widespread names for boys in the world.
  5. Tavo or Gus de Gustavo. It is a very frequent name in Ibero-American countries, but also in Central Europe like Gustav, where precisely, its meaning 'Royal Scepter' comes from thanks to the great staff of German origin.
  6. Santi or Tiago de Santiago. Its origin is found in the Hebrew word Ya'akov which means 'Rewarding for God'. Legend has it that men with this name are very proud and self-confident.

Have you sat down with your partner to choose a name? Are you trying to do it by imagining what your baby will be like? Has a name come to mind? Review this guide to popular baby diminutive names together and get carried away by your heart or your baby's approving kicks.

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