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The useful game of stones to improve communication with children

The useful game of stones to improve communication with children

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Surely many times you wonder what the key is to be better with your family. And I invite you to reflect for a moment, do you communicate effectively at home? Precisely so that you improve communication between parents and children, I propose an interesting game:the game of stones and cottons.

This game will help you to communicate better with your children, it will build confidence and you will learn to manage the rules. And while you will have a good time with your family. The idea is clear: Spending time with the family is fun and costs little money.

First, let's define what is good communication between parents and children. The bases so that the little time you spend with your family is of quality, you vibrate in love and happiness is supported by three pillars:

- That there is good communication.

- That you feel confidence in yourself, in your partner and in your children.

- And that there are well-defined common limits and rules that are also respected by all.

These three ingredients will strengthen the positive bonds between you and will make may the time you spend together be worth it and your relationships improve.

In the life of stress and constant acceleration that we lead, we have very little time left to spend together as a family. The little time that we have left during the week with our children, we often dedicate it to being policemen who are demanding that they eat fast, that they do their homework to go to bed quickly because the next day they have to get up early and need to be rested. Without us realizing we relate from stress-generating relationship patterns that move away from the possibility that you love each other.

It is true, the best of your life, as a song says, you have delivered elsewhere and to other people. It's sad, but real! To your family, aware of it or not, you leave what is left of you after the battle and that makes your children not enjoy with you in the same way that happens on the weekend.

They are precisely the three pillars that I was telling you before - good communication, trust and good management of rules and limits - that will help you prevent problems in childhood and later in adolescence. If you water, you fertilize and take care of the plants of communication, trust and positive discipline It will help the relationship between you to make you feel that you want to spend more time with your children because you enjoy together.

It is precisely through the game that you will be able to share quality leisure time with your family, without having to spend money or go to a shopping center on Saturday afternoon. I guarantee you that inside you you already have all those skills to create quality family moments. This post is only going to help you connect with those superpowers that are hidden, but that exist. And, for this, we propose this game to you.

To work on communication between parents and children, I suggest the game of stones and cottons.

Learn to say the things that upset you lovingly and assertively. Learn to accept being told when we bother. Learn to receive and give praise.

Recommended age
As long as they know how to write sentences. Ideal from 7-8 years until adolescence.

Each member of the family has a pot or box that they have previously been able to decorate to their liking. The boxes will be in a place accessible to all with the cans of each visible. Next to the boxes you will have another box with river stones and another with cottons. There must also be some pieces of paper and a pen in that same tray.

Once everything is prepared in a visible and accessible place. Throughout the week, whenever someone has a conflict with another family member, they put a stone in their boat and write the conflict on a piece of paper with this formula 'It bothers me ...' 'I wish ... '

On the other hand, if you want to thank or highlight a nice gesture that they have had with you, put a cotton ball and on the paper 'Thanks for ...

To remember the rules you can make a small poster with them and leave it next to the boats.

At the end of the week, all together and taking turns, starting with the smallest, you open the cans and each one reads first stones with the negative and then their cottons loaded with positive caresses and praise. With the stones you seek solutions to the conflict together and the sincere sincerity and kindness when receiving the inconvenience is appreciated because they help you to improve.

Play is the means that your children have to communicate, relate and develop their physical ability to move around the world. This phase of their lives is very important for their maturation and together with you it will be the best way to stimulate them and accelerate their development process.

If you have a child under 3 years old, these are some of the considerations you should take into account when playing with him.

1. Before playing prepare the play space with the toys that you are going to give him.

2. Get on the same level as him. If your child plays on the floor, stand next to him on the floor. Maintaining the same height helps your hearts synchronize and together you achieve cardiac coherence. In other words, that you love each other and have fun playing together.

3. Simply observe, accept and respect the rhythm of your child. Don't be in a hurry and let him be the one who builds, solves, makes mistakes and gets it right.

4. Let your child be the one to take the initiative and choose what and what you want to play with. Play is a means of growth and the moment a game is no longer nurturing you emotionally, you will abandon it. For this reason it allows him to play at his own pace since he will only play while he is having fun.

5. Describe and summarize from time to time what is being done, so that he sees that you are practicing an active listening to him.

6. Participate actively and collaborate in the game when he asks you to.

7. Use positive emotional caresses: a smile, I love you, what imagination you have and how intelligent.

8. And very important, set limits and say no if aggressive behaviors appear outside the game, throw or break objects uncontrollably, spit, etc. Do not forget that you are the mother or the father and you are the boss. Remember the no when you use it has to be consistent between what you say, feel and do. If you say no and he does not listen to you because he starts to lose control, join him in an action that restrains him, always out of love and respect.

9. Finally think that pick up is part of the game. Therefore, you must calculate how much of the time you are going to spend in the end ordering everything. You must combine it with positive caresses of type: how well you collect everything, how proud I am of you, how you help, etc. In this way, you are helping your child to develop habits of organization and autonomy that will help him a lot at school.

In case you have children between 4 and 11 years old, who alreadyThey are little adults, they change the rules of the game. Physically they are prepared to do any activity at the same level as you and even surpass you. Also, they understand the world around them and know what is right and what is wrong. So you must adapt the games to your preferences and needs.

I hope you have a good time together!

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