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Why use music during pregnancy

Why use music during pregnancy

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Childhood is a crucial time for anyone. The more stimuli our baby receives from the first moment, the better his emotional and cognitive development will be. But, did you know that it can also receive stimuli even before it is born?

Starting to develop musical stimulation exercises within the maternal fetus is very beneficial for the baby and its later development. Music, completely favors being part of this whole process. It is for this reason that parental collaboration when carrying out a musical activity is extremely important, right from the womb itself.

When a mother or father sing a lullaby, song, melody ... or put music to some daily moment, it already transmits feelings of love, care, respect, tranquility and security.

It is a moment of intimate communication that remains fixed in the child's memory, even before birth. Performing it from the moment the fetus is inside the womb, prepares our baby in a better way for the future. These are some of the benefits of listening to music during pregnancy:

- Auditions and contact with parents, increase activityimmune.

- Babies are born more relaxed, with eyes and hands open, and they cry less.

- They sleep and eat better and they are also able to focus their attention for longer and learn more quickly.

The baby from the fifth month is already ready to listen to any type of music,

Who has not heard of the famous 'Mozart Effect'? It is proven that listening to Mozart increases defenses and strengthens the neurological capacity of babiesEven so, there is a lot of Music besides Mozart, very beneficial for them. We just have to orient it to a certain state of mind.

. Music to relax the baby: For Elisa, by Chopin, Claro de Luna, by Debussy, Ballads. Music with slow beats and soft melodies, and even a soundtrack like Gladiator.

. Music to strengthen neural capacities and defenses: Any classical music composition is appropriate. The 4 Seasons of Vivaldi, The 5th Symphony of Tchaikosky, The Carnival of the Animals of Saent Saens, or any piece of music by Mozart.

. Music to dance and be on the move: Find happy songs full of energy and with which you can dance and move to the movement of it. Queen, Madonna, The Beatles, Abba ... or even get carried away by a song that they put on the radio and improvise a dance.

The mother's mood should always be in tune to involve the baby. All the sensations that Music brings you will reach the baby and you will share a very intimate and pleasant connection from the inside of the womb.

The ear is the only sense on which prenatal stimulation can be carried out, and it is precisely this type of stimulation that is based on it. Listening to slow music and doing breathing exercises to the rhythm of the mother's heart helps to strengthen the sensory and cognitive stimulation of our babies.

Take the test and musicalize your little one before he is born!

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