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What is and what is the Chinese pregnancy chart for?

What is and what is the Chinese pregnancy chart for?

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The Chinese calendar, although it has no scientific basis, is more than 700 years old and since then generations of women have used it to predict what gender their baby would have.

It is a table to predict the sex of the baby, calculating the combination between two parameters. The Chinese calendar determines the baby gender from two pieces of information: the mother's age and the month in which your baby was conceived. We explain what the Chinese pregnancy chart is and what it is for.

According to legend, This tablet was buried in a tomb of the Chinese royal family 700 years ago. The original still exists and is kept at the Beijing Institute of Science. When used well, the Chinese chart is 90 percent correct about the sex of the baby to be born. However, there are no scientific studies that can support this fact. Many women for generations have also used this table to get pregnant with a baby of the desired sex.

The Chinese table is very easy to use, you just have to look for the box according to the exact month in which you conceived and cross it with the age you were at that time. If the box is pink, your baby will be a girl. If the box is blue, your baby will be a boy. But beware! is calculated on the Moon age of the mother. Do you know how to calculate it?

To calculate the lunar age of the pregnant woman:

  • If you were born in January or February and your birthday had already passed by the time of conception, you must add two more years to your current age.
  • If you were born in any month other than January or February and your birthday is past at the time of conception, you should add one more year to your current age.
  • If your birthday has not passed at the time of conception, do not add more years, calculate on your current age.

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