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Easter bunny activities for kids

Easter bunny activities for kids

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The legend of easter bunny It is remembered every year, especially in the Easter holidays, when Easter Sunday, a Catholic celebration, approaches. But do we really know it? For this reason, we tell you details about this legend that explain the history and origin of the Easter rabbit, and we offer short stories of Easter rabbits, so that you can spend a very entertaining time with the children.

Where is the egg? Thus begins the children's favorite game on Easter Sunday. Hiding chocolate eggs in the garden, in the park or at home, is an ancient tradition. How do you play? A few eggs are hidden, if they are made of chocolate, the better, so that the little ones can savor their rich reward together.

If we want to complicate the search, we will invent clues or draw a map of the golden eggs for the older ones. Kids will love playing Easter egg hunt.

Aside from the games that surround the Easter Bunny, there are also funny tales and stories about this curious character for children. We tell you some:

Games, stories and crafts with rabbits for children

The real Easter bunny. Childish story. A tale about the real Easter bunny. Short story to read as a family and celebrate Easter with the children. Which of the 3 rabbits will be the Easter bunny of that year? A nice story to find and reveal the Easter bunny who will bring an Easter egg to the children. Stories for children.

Legend of the Easter bunny. We tell you the legend of the Easter rabbit. The origin of the Easter bunny dates back to pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon holidays, when the rabbit was the symbol of fertility and was associated with the goddess Easter. The game in which the children have to find the eggs that the Easter bunny has left behind is fun for children on Easter Sunday.

Simple, homemade and very cute Easter bunny makeup for children. On our site we propose you an Easter bunny makeup for children that is very easy to do and looks very cute. Learn step by step how to paint homemade fantasy makeup to dress up your children this Easter. Get the paintings ready because we started!

Origin of the Easter rabbit. Although the origins of the Easter rabbit are not well defined, it seems that the choice of the rabbit as a symbol to celebrate Easter is due to its well-known procreation capacity, of great symbolic value in festivals dedicated to the fertility of the earth after winter .

Easter bunny box. Children's craft. How to make an Easter bunny box with children. our site offers us children's crafts for the Easter and Holy Week holidays. Homemade crafts to do at Easter with your children. Easy and simple crafts to do with children.

Easter bunny made of egg. How to make an Easter bunny with an egg. Easter is the best time to make an Easter bunny craft with an empty egg with your children. A simple and beautiful children's craft.

Easter bunny made of balloons. A rabbit made with balloons for children. The rabbit is one of the star characters during Easter. We suggest you make this endearing characters with balloons. It's about inflating, twisting and gathering balloons by following our steps to create a cute Easter bunny.

Easter bunny made with pompoms. Look what a cute Easter bunny we have made. It is very soft and also carries its famous Easter eggs, also very fluffy, as if they were pompoms ... but they are not! We tell you how we managed to create this cute look in just a few steps. On our site we teach you how to create an Easter bunny with polystyrene balls and cotton

Easter bunnies made with spoons. With a plastic spoon we are going to make some very nice Easter bunnies. our site shows us, step by step, how to make a rabbit and a doe with a disposable spoon.

Origami Easter bunny. On our site we teach you how to make a cute and original bunny following the Japanese origami technique. Following our steps and folding the paper as indicated, you can make a rabbit's face in a very simple way. An ideal craft for children as it encourages their concentration and fine motor skills.

How to draw a rabbit, step by step. How to draw a rabbit. Learn to draw farm animals. Drawings to do and color with children. our site teaches us how to draw the main farm animals.

Easter bunny with paper scroll. Easter bunny with cardboard rolls. Children's crafts for the Easter and Holy Week holidays. Easy and simple crafts to do with children.

How to make a rabbit headband with balloons. We suggest you make a fun Easter craft: create a bunny ears headband with balloons. This is a balloon twisting craft that children will have a lot of fun with.

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