How to make a chocolate egg step by step

How to make a chocolate egg step by step

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The parties of Easter or Holy Week These are usually very special days, especially in the kitchen, as many fun recipes are prepared ideal for cooking with children, such as delicious chocolate eggs.

Now you can learn how to make your own Easter eggs step by step with this simple recipe that we show you in


  • 500 gr. chocolate to melt
  • Egg-shaped molds (best silicone)
  • Foil
  • Gift wrap to wrap the egg
  • A satin ribbon to give the bow
  • Tips: as for chocolate, you can use it both in black, with milk, white or whichever you like best.

With chocolate, a suitable mold and a little imagination you can prepare this beautiful special Easter recipe.

1. Cut 2/3 of the chocolate into pieces, place a saucepan with hot water and melt the chocolate in a water bath, until a thick cream is obtained. Stir well so there are no lumps.

2. Take the plastic or silicone mold and with a spoon fill with the melted chocolate. Make sure to leave a very thin layer.

3. Turn the mold upside down and smooth the chocolate layer with a kitchen spatula so that it is completely smooth. Then put the mold in the fridge for 10 minutes and cover with a piece of aluminum foil.

4. Remove the mold from the refrigerator and repeat the above process to place another thicker layer of chocolate. Smooth with the spatula to make it even.

5. Put the mold in the fridge but this time upside down with a little aluminum foil to avoid staining the tray. Wait 10 minutes before removing the mold.

6. To remove the Easter eggs, put the mold on a smooth surface and lift carefully. Then, with the melted chocolate, bring the two sides of the egg together and wait for it to dry. If you want you can put something inside to surprise your children.

7. The next step is to wrap the eggs in wrapping paper and tie a bow. Now, to enjoy with the children the intense flavor of chocolate during Easter.

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