Rescue these 6 phrases from The Incredibles and teach values ​​to your children

Rescue these 6 phrases from The Incredibles and teach values ​​to your children

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If we talk about the movies that boys and girls like the most, we have to name without a doubt The Incredibles. What little one has not seen it more than once? Surely you, like me, love to sit one afternoon on the sofa with your son next to you and enjoy this fun movie. If we also get technical, we discover that it is not only an entertaining film but also has a lot of perfect phrases to teach different values ​​to children. Do you want us to review them together? Let's go there!

Let's first of all do a little review of the plot and its endearing protagonists.

The Incredibles family is not a conventional oneIt is nothing less than a family of superheroes, their power comes from others, that is, from being together and being a team. Bob Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible, fought as a young man to save the world; some time later he leaves his "job" and marries (how could it be otherwise, he does it with a superheroine) to lead a very normal life.

But of course, Bob Parr can not forget the desire to return to action, something that arises unexpectedly when a statement arrives with orders to go to a remote place to fulfill a secret mission. What if those little ones (Violeta, Dash and baby Jack-Jack) also have extraordinary powers? Fun and adventures are guaranteed.

In the different parts of the Incredibles saga, the entire superhero family faces different adventures from which they always manage to succeed by supporting each other.

The ever-united family must save the world and defeat the villains. That is the motto of the Incredibles. Of course they will!

Let's now break down the best phrases that we have heard during this entertaining movies, some that are ideal to say and explain over and over to our children.

1. I don't go back to the past, baby. Distracts me from now
Phrase that says the intrepid Edna Moda. What can we deduce from it? Well, the past is past, we can learn from it, but we must look to the present and the future.

2. Go! Face the problem. Fight! Win!
Edna Moda has courage as a flag, something that we can well copy from her. Show the little ones that, with effort, they can cope with any problem and find the right solution.

3. Dad says we are not ashamed of our powers, that they make us special
Phrase that says little Dash, one of the children of the Incredibles family. When we talk about the powers of our children we refer to the power of wearing glasses, or dental braces, of being taller or shorter ... They are also things that make them special and unique, you just have to make them see it.

4. You have more power than you think
Elascticgirl, the mother of the family, gives us a very important lesson. Sure, we all have superpowers that make us unique, what is yours? Prepare a list with your child and you will see how excited he is to discover everything that he is good at.

5. Everyone is special. That's another way of saying that nobody is
Maybe yes, I think that here what we can deduce is that we all have great capacities and also limitations. Nobody is perfect and we all have something that makes us shine and that we do better than the rest. Do you also think so?

6. Done right, raising children is a heroic act ... done right
The last sentence of this film, which is no less important, is for us. Educating children well is heroic!

Which of these phrases from the Incredibles movie is your favorite? Would you add any more?

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