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What does the way they sleep tell us about children

What does the way they sleep tell us about children

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There are hundreds of investigations, studies and analyzes on sleep. One of them is related to the posture we use when we sleep, and that is that, according to researcher Chris Idzikiwsky, coordinator at the UK Sleep Institute, posture is related to a specific personality.

Therefore, the position our children adopt in bed can reveal a lot about their character.

For the newborn, who is not yet able to move by himself, we must place him on his back, however, as he grows, he adopts the position that is most comfortable for him. There are those who sleep, like my middle son, who seems to be out of joint, some do not stop and adopt all possible postures and even others do not move since they close their eyes.

Be that as it may, experts say that they can know about the personality of children and adults depending on the posture they adopt when sleeping. These are the 6 most common:

Fetal position
Sideways and with the legs drawn over the belly. It is one of the most common postures and that instinct to snuggle is related to sensitivity. Children who adopt this posture may seem shy at first, but when they gain confidence they are affectionate. They are also emotional.

Trunk position
On your side and with your legs stretched out and together. They are sociable children and they love to interact with other children, they like to participate in the group and they trust others. They are uninhibited, relaxed and a bit innocent children.

Yearning or melancholic position
On the side with the back straight but the legs bend forward a little and the hands remain stretched out in front, although some can go under the pillow. They are people with a somewhat more complex personality, they are friendly and sociable but they are more distrustful. When they make a decision it is difficult to make them give in, they are the classic 'headstrong'.

Soldier position
They are children who sleep on their backs, with their hands stretched out next to their bodies and their legs slightly apart. They are more reserved and quiet beings, they are introverted and do not like to talk about themselves very much. They are loyal children and highly value the bonds they establish with others.

Free fall pose
It is so called because it seems that they have fallen from the sky. They sleep on their stomachs with their heads turned to the side and their hands up under the pillow. They are independent children and lovers of freedom, they do not like being told what to do nor do they like criticism.

Starfish pose
Lying on your back with your arms stretched up and around the pillow. It is the least used posture and children and adults who sleep like this are altruistic, generous and with good feelings. They make friends easily as they tend to be interested in others, but they prefer not to be the center of attention and tend to stay in the background when they are with friends.

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