When breastfeeding is much more than food

When breastfeeding is much more than food

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In this information age, no one doubts that breastfeeding is the best food a newborn can receive. But, did you know that, in addition to food, breast milk provides much more? ? And is that the Breastfeeding is much more than food.Could this be why among mothers it is not uncommon to hear the phrase "the tit is magic" while certain glances of complicity are exchanged.

Probably if you are in that moment that you doubt if breastfeed your offspring Or not when she is with you, you may have asked yourself: "And what is the use of breastfeeding other than to feed a baby?" You'll be surprised!

- Reduces pain in babies
Have you heard of tetanalgesia? This wonderful benefit that all mothers intuit and corroborate when we breastfeed our newborn already has scientific and health support, and it is that yes, it has been shown that breastfeeding a baby or child provides real and measurable pain relief. Therefore, health professionals are increasingly encouraging mothers to breastfeed their baby during painful medical tests (heel test, vaccinations, etc.).

Simply offer your baby the breast when you are at the pediatrician, and once he is hooked, then it is time to get him vaccinated or tested. You will be surprised if the baby barely cries or simply gestures and continues to suckle as if nothing had happened.

- Provides security
Breastfeeding calms, provides pain relief, and makes baby feel safe and secure. That is why when a baby is crying, whether it is because he crawled, because he was scared, or even in those times when we cannot guess why he is crying, the solution to breastfeed is wonderful.

- Relax and help you fall asleep
Breastfeeding also produces drowsiness, both in the baby and in the mother! When we breastfeed, several of the hormones that we produce cause relaxation and drowsiness, and the most beautiful thing is that baby and mother produce those hormones at the same time ... Is it true that more than once your little one has fallen asleep with the nipple in his mouth? ? And when you feel so extremely relaxed while your baby is nursing that your eyes close? Breast feeding is a wonderful relaxant, it helps babies fall asleep, and it also helps mothers suffering from anxiety or insomnia.

- Strengthens the mother-child bond
Breastfeeding your baby strengthens the bond that you feel as a mother: when breastfeeding we secrete oxytocin, the wonderful hormone of love, producing infatuation (you see your baby and from the first moment you feel that he is the most beautiful and wonderful baby in the world), intensifying the maternal instinct and making you feel happy.

To breastfeed it only has benefits. So do not think about it anymore and breastfeed your baby, enjoy those moments for both of you. If you are not enjoying yourself, if something is not going well, if it hurts, there is a solution: look for an expert breastfeeding professional and you will find a way to breastfeed properly.

In addition to all the emotional benefits that we have listed, the health benefits of breastfeeding have been widely proven for years:

- For the baby: protects you against diseases, strengthening your immune system; it avoids constipation and digestive problems and reduces the risk of sudden infant death, among other advantages.

- For the mother: reduces the risk of anemia and postpartum depression, prevents ovarian and breast cancer, protects against hypertension and osteoporosis ...

And remember, offer your baby the breast because you want, because you both enjoy, because of those looks, because of that feeling of peace, because you feel like it and the benefits ... will come alone!

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