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Bad postures that can cause childhood injuries

Bad postures that can cause childhood injuries

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Going back to school brings with it the return of habits such as poor posture of children at their desk, in their transport, when carrying their backpack or backpack and when performing school homework. Specialists from the Column Unit of the Nisa Pardo de Aravaca Hospital, affirm that 27 percent of adolescents and 30 percent of young children have back pain during the school season that require medical attention.

In Guiainfantil.com We name you some bad postures and the injuries they generate.

1. Sit on the end of the chair

When studying, traveling in transport, typing on a laptop or computer and interacting with video games, it is common for children to fall on the end of the chair and rest their shoulders on the back, which causes the back to curve backwards producing kyphosis, this can degenerate into Scheuermann's disease.

2. Inappropriate leaning on the desk

Supporting an arm or head on the desk or table when doing homework is another postural vice that can lead to shoulder asymmetry and secondary scoliosis, which eventually lead to actual deformities in adult life.

1. Sit well at the desk or table

As we told you in our Guiainfantil article 'back pain in children' when sitting down, the law of right angles must be applied: the leg must form a right angle with the thigh, the trunk a right angle with the thigh, the back well supported on the back of the chair and the arms more or less close to the body. The height of the desk or desk must be according to the child's height to avoid keeping the shoulders tucked or the arms hanging.

2. The ideal backpack or backpack

Some specialists say that it is preferable to opt for backpacks, attached to both shoulders, than wheeled backpacks because these cause rotation of the trunk, harmful to the spine, others say that those with wheels with levers adapted to the height of the body are better. boy. They agree that the ideal backpack should not exceed 10% of children's body weight and that hands-free or bandoliers should be avoided.

3. Play sports

To improve muscle tone, schoolchildren should be taught the regular practice of a sport, being preferable those that use the whole body such as football, basketball, volleyball, athletics and swimming. This will avoid asymmetries that cause muscle pain. Also, you can encourage him to do exercises to correct posture.

4. Consult a specialist

If your child presents pain, asymmetries or is not able to modify a bad posture, take him to a pediatric check-up, there they will take the corresponding analyzes such as radiological studies and send him to treatment if necessary.

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