5 side effects of the epidural after giving birth that you should know

5 side effects of the epidural after giving birth that you should know

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What would have happened to my two deliveries if I had not epidural? I will never know, but I have to admit that I wanted to have had a 100% natural delivery. Still, I have to thank the team that treated me in both cases and, especially, the anesthetists. Everything went well and there were no post epidural complications! Now, once everything is over and, after having signed the consent of the epidural without having read the fine print so as not to be afraid of that moment, I have discovered certain side effects of the epidural after giving birth that you might like to know.

Childbirth, like any other medical procedure, has its risks. In this case, rather than focusing on the moment of giving birth, We are going to do it in the consequences of the long-awaited magic potion that many women request to alleviate the pain after delivery.

This type of anesthesia, which is given to women to reduce the impact of contractions, is completely safe and is supported by the data presented by the British Journal of Anesthesia: only 1 in 80,000 women will have temporary or permanent problems related to anesthesia. Are these figures low or not?

Also, more than talking about fatal risks to women, the most common problems or complications are usually related to its low efficacy.

1. It only works on one side
And I can attest to this, because during my first delivery, my epidural only had an effect on one side of my body and that was how, although I was very shy, I felt minimal pain in my left leg, while my right was completely asleep. As they explained to me at the time, this could be because the catheter placement was twisted or that it moved during labor.

2. not alive the pain
An epidural is magical, but there are times when it can lose its power. For example, in pregnant women who suffer from severe obesity, it may be the case that this drug does not provide the expected solution. It can also happen that the catheter is accidentally placed in the subcutaneous tissue and not in the desired area. If this is the case and you are not feeling pain, notify the team of doctors who are treating you at that time!

3. Headache
Occasionally a severe post-puncture headache may occur. It is a postural headache, which intensifies when standing or sitting and which occurs when cerebrospinal fluid is altered.

4. Weird taste in the mouth
Dizziness, dizziness, ringing in the ears, or a metallic taste in the mouth are potential symptoms of anesthetic toxicity. To avoid them, some doctors give a few doses of epinephrine and lidocaine.

5. Fever
If the headache is not postural and, in addition, an episode of fever appears, then the gynecologist must be notified because there may be an internal infection.

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