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The most popular names in Peru for girls

The most popular names in Peru for girls

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If you are expecting a girl, you will surely have a lot of doubts regarding the choice of name. Maybe you prefer to put an original and little heard name or perhaps it is better to choose from the large number of names for girls traditional and familiar. If you want to put a peruvian name, we suggest a list of the 10 most popular female names in Peru.

In Peru, they prefer the usual names for girls, with a clear tendency to compound names and where we find more than once in the list of frequent names the classics, María, Rosa and Carmen. These are the names of girls that families prefer in Peru.

1. Ana Maria
This compound name of Hebrew origin is one of the richest and most eloquent girl names in the Hispanic world. Perhaps that is why it ranks first on the list of frequent names in Peru.

2. Carmen Rosa
The name has a double Latin origin. Both Carmen and Rosa refer us to ancient times, to the beauty of the song and the aroma of the flowers, so it is not surprising that it is one of the preferred names by Peruvian families.

3. Maria Elena
The Hebrew origin of Maria joins the Greek origin of Elena in a compound name that occurs as frequent in many countries. And it is that the combination of biblical tradition with ancient Greece does not leave anyone indifferent.

4. Elizabeth
This name of English origin is one of the few names that do not appear accompanied. Peruvian families prefer this English variant of the more Hispanic Isabel or even Elisa for its musicality and for that touch of sophistication it brings.

5. Maria Isabel
The Hebrew origin of Mary joins the uncertain, but most likely Hebrew origin of Elizabeth. It is one of the most popular compound names in the Hispanic world thanks to that special sound and the strength it gives off.

6. Flor Maria
The Latin origin of flor joins the Hebrew origin of María to form a compound name for a girl that perfectly combines the tradition and familiarity of María with the originality of Flor, also traditional, but with little use.

7. Maria Carmen
In this name, which is one of the most representative of the Latin world, the Hebrew origin of María is united with the Latin origin of Carmen. Both names are so powerful that they can appear among the most popular names together, separately, or in a thousand different combinations.

8. Rosa Maria
Both names are well known to us for their Latin origin, that of Rosa, and for their Hebrew origin, that of Maria. But above all, they are familiar to us because, alone or in combination, they are two of the most popular names for girls in the world.

9. Maria Pilar
Maria's Hebrew origin joins Pilar's Latin origin in a compound name for girl with a great Hispanic flavor. Both names inspire great confidence and familiarity, while maintaining all the beauty of the tradition.

10. Pink
Breaking the preference of Peruvian families for compound names, this name of Latin origin comes to us that has enough strength and beauty not to be company. Because we are facing one of those old names that are not affected by fashion.

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