Names of German origin. R - Z

Names of German origin. R - Z

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Germany has left us some of the most important figures in history (Albert Einstein, Immanuel Kant, Ludwig Van Beethoven ...), some delicious recipes, some artists who changed the course of art ... And it can also be a magnificent source of inspiration to find the best way to call your baby. In we help you in this task, for what we have developed a guide to names of German origin Very complete. We have ideas (accompanied with their translation) for both boys and girls, ranging from R-Z.

  • Cute German names for boys and girls
  • A long German name for your child
  • Names with a very special meaning
  • Weird but pretty name ideas
  • Great names from R to U
  • How to call your baby with names from V to Z

Finding the best name for your baby is not as easy as it may seem at first. And it is that, no matter how much you have a name thought for a long timeOr, at the crucial moment of choosing what to call your little one, you may change your mind. Therefore, it is best to approach this moment with an open mind and willing to weigh different options.

You may not know what the best name for your baby is yet. But what you sure do know is what you DO NOT want to call him. This is a good start, as it allows you to rule out options. 'I don't like names that are too short' or 'I don't want names of Christian origin' ... Little by little you will get closer to that beautiful name that you are looking for.

Before continuing with all names of German origin that we have selected, we have to warn you that there are some names that are banned in the world. It is okay to find an original name for your baby, so that it does not have many namesakes. However, there is always a limit that you cannot exceed!

The best German names for boys and girls

Ready to start your search for the best name for your baby? First of all we have prepared a selection with very nice ideas to call your daughter or son. They are popular names in Germany or because of their pronunciation and sound they are very beautiful.

  1. Rainer.Name of German origin that, translated into Spanish is Rainiero. Its meaning is related to the navy and refers to the advisers of the army.
  2. Ralf. It can also be found as Ralph. It is the result of joining the words 'wolf' and 'lawyer'. In Spanish it would be the one corresponding to Raúl.
  3. Robert. Roberto is also a name of Germanic origin which means 'who shines with his fame'.
  4. Sascha. It is a name of Greek origin but it is very popular in Germany. It means 'defender' and is related to other names like Alexandra or Alexander.
  5. Simon. Simon is the name of Saint Peter and it is a name of Hebrew origin that has spread widely throughout the country. It means 'God has heard'.
  6. Tabetha. This beautiful name is the same as Tábata, which comes from Aramaic. It means 'gazelle'.
  7. Thea. Tea or Teo comes from Teodoro, a very beautiful name of Greek origin that is often heard a lot on German streets. It means 'gift of God'.
  8. Viktor. It is one of the favorites of German parents for their babies, even though its origin is Latin. It means 'the one who wins'.
  9. Walter. Name of Germanic origin that means 'the head of the army'.
  10. Wolf. Word used as a first name, but also as a surname. It refers to the wolves.
  11. Yanick. Name of Breton origin that is often used for both boys and girls. It is a derivative of John, Giovanni, Juan or Ian. One of his saints is June 24.
  12. Vanessa. Vanesa is a name of English origin that is also very widespread in Germany. This name was invented by the writer Swift, giving rise to one of the favorite nicknames in countries such as Germany or Brazil.
  13. Veronika. Can also be spelled as Veronica. It comes from the Greek and means 'true image'.

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A long German name for your child

Among the names of Germanic origin that we like the most, we have made a section with the longest names. We offer you a selection of names with a lot of entity that transmit strength and elegance in equal parts. Long names, like the ones we recommend below, always give rise to affectionate nicknames that convey everything you love to your children. Consider them as an option!

  1. Reinhold. Name for boys that is also used in the Scandinavian countries that means 'wise ruler'. Although it seems like a very long name, it can be shortened to Rein.
  2. Rigobert. Disused name that would be Rigoberto in Spanish. Its origin is Germanic and its translation refers to the powerful and illustrious.
  3. Rudolf. German form to refer to Rodolfo, a name of German origin that means 'the one who wins the battle'.
  4. Tadeus. There are many German children called Tadeo or Tadea. It comes from Aramaic and refers to Thadday, as Saint Jude Thaddeus was called.
  5. Tania. Tania comes from Tatiana, two names of Slavic origin that are often used frequently in Germany.
  6. Valentin. Although it is a name of Latin origin, Valentin (just like Valentina) was very popular in Germany a few years ago. It means 'brave'.
  7. Ursula. This name comes from the Latin ursa, which means 'bear'.
  8. Waltraud. Long-standing German name that refers to power and strength.
  9. Wendeline. German form for Gwendoline, it has given rise to other names as well known and used as Wendy.

Names with a very special meaning

The meaning of a name is one of the deciding factors when choosing one name or another. And it is that no matter how beautiful a name sounds, if it does not have an interesting meaning, there is nothing to do! Therefore, below we have selected some German names whose meaning will shock you. Don't worry, we've translated them for you.

  1. Tristen. Name of Latin origin that is often used in Germany and means 'sadness'.
  2. Sebastian.Sebastián comes from sebastós, which means 'honored'. It is a name of Greek origin that is often used a lot among German babies.
  3. Sofie. Sofie, which would be Sofía in Spanish, is also a name of Greek origin but which has become very popular in Germany. And its meaning is very beautiful: 'intelligence'.
  4. Stefan. One of the most popular names among German boys is Stefan, even though his origin is Greek. It means 'laureate'.
  5. Sven. A name widely used in Germanic language countries, Sven means 'young warrior'.
  6. Viktoria. It means 'victorious' or 'successful'. This name is of Latin origin and is often also written as Victoria.
  7. Violetta. This name is related to the pretty purple flower, so its meaning is very beautiful.

Weird but pretty Germany name ideas

It is true that being in another language, there are many names that sound a bit strange. However, these that we have collected below are really rare, and not for that they are ugly! We have made a small compilation of names that will become the favorites of the most original parents.

  1. Tibor. Name of Slavic origin that means 'sacred place'. Its use is also common in Germanic language countries.
  2. Trude. It comes from Gertrude, a traditional name that some German parents are bringing back for their girls.
  3. Uda. Short and direct name that proposes a very original name for girls.
  4. Uwe. A somewhat strange German name that has also been derived to Owe.
  5. Werner. Name of German origin that acts as a surname. It can also be found as Verner.

Great names from R to U

Next we order the names by letters, so that it is easier for you to choose what to call your baby. We concentrate on the last letters of the alphabet, since the names that begin with them are much more original.

First of all you will find names for boys, but also names for girls, beginning with R. There are such popular options as Richard or Roger. Below we have collected some options for names that begin with S that, we already warned you, will surprise you. Do you want to give your child a name with T? Ahead! The name options with U will also be very attractive to you.

RAYMONDWorthy protectorBoy
RAYNARDThe brave, mighty armyBoy
RICHARDPowerful rulerBoy
RICHELLEPowerful rulerGirl
RODERICAThe famousGirl
RODERICKThe famousBoy
ROGERFamous, quietBoy
ROLANDFrom the famous landBoy

SERILDAArmed for warGirl
STROMStream, treeBoy

THEOBOLDThe boldestBoy

ULAJewel of the sea, inherited statusGirl
ULRIKAWolf ruleGirl
UTALucky Battle MaidGirl

How to call your baby with names from V to Z

It may be that in Spanish the names that are written with V, W, X, Y or Z are very strange. But in German they are not so many! Take a look at all these ideas we have come up with for German names for boys and girls. It will be difficult for you to decide just one.

VARICKProtection ruleBoy
VERNERDefending armyBoy
VINESylvan ManBoy
VIVEKALittle womanGirl

WAGGONERCar manufacturerBoy
WALTERThe powerful warriorBoy
WARNERDefending armyBoy
WARRENWatcher, in charge of the gameBoy
YALEWho pays or producesBoy
ZELDAGray warriorGirl
ZELINDAProtector of VictoryGirl

If you have already come up with the perfect name for your baby, congratulations! But if you haven't found it yet, don't despair. We can think of many other names of German origin that begin with other letters of the alphabet. Surely reviewing all the options you will surely achieve that perfect name for your boy or girl. Best of luck in your search!

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