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How to change your baby's diaper step by step

How to change your baby's diaper step by step

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Changing a baby's diaper takes some practice, but until you do, you need to get the theory right first. We teach you, step by step, how to clean her ass, apply cream, put on the clean diaper and close it properly so that no surprise leaks occur. our site has prepared a simple guide to become an expert in changing your baby's diaper. During this training, you will surely find yourself with an accidental splash or a bad diaper placement, which you will soon overcome, since the opportunities to do it, especially during the first weeks, will be very numerous.

Before undressing your baby, prepare everything you need:

1. Changer or determine where to do it
Having a high changing mat is ideal to avoid bending your back during the diaper change process, it is practical and comfortable. It should be remembered that you should never leave the baby alone because it could fall. If you are not at home, always place your baby on a waterproof and folding changing mat, on a rigid and safe surface, to avoid making more than necessary.

If you choose to change your baby's diaper in bed, take the same care, but it will tire you faster because of the height of the bed.

2. Necessary material
Clean diaper, wet wipes, and sunscreen. Place the clean diaper, wipes and sunscreen at hand to avoid having to move and have everything at hand.

1. Carefully place your baby on his back on the changing table or on a safe, solid and comfortable surface.

2. Undress him from the waist down. Remove the self-adhesive tapes from the dirty diaper, open it, lift the baby's legs and close it by pressing the front of the diaper against the back. If there are stools, use the front of the diaper to remove them from the skin, always from front to back. Place the baby's bottom on the outside front of the diaper.

3. Raise the baby's legs and wipe the skin on her bottom with a wet washcloth. If it is a girl, always from front to back, that is, from the vagina to the anus, to avoid possible infections. If your baby is a boy, clean the penis as well as the folds and the rest of the diaper area without trying to force the separation between the glans and the foreskin, which may still take time to occur.

4. Gently dry the area with a towel or dry wipe, especially the skin folds.

5. Apply barrier cream to isolate the skin from moisture around the anus and on the crotch. Make sure you spread it out well and remember that you don't need to apply a lot.

6. Lift the baby's legs, close the dirty diaper from back to front with the self-adhesive tapes and remove it.

7. Open the clean diaper and place it under your baby's bottom. Unfold the front part and place it in front, covering your genitals. If your baby is a boy, make sure his tail is pointing down so that the diaper can retain his urine.

8. Once the front is at the same height as the back around the baby's waist, you can fasten it using the self-adhesive tapes that you will find on both sides of the back of the diaper. You should adjust it enough without tightening it or being loose so that there may be leaks.

Hygiene moments like this, you will have several throughout the day. At first, when they are newborns, it takes time, because you have to do everything very carefully. Afterwards, diaper changes take less protocol, but the important thing is to know how to use this grooming routine as a special moment to share affection, sweet words, massages and games with your baby.

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