The strictest parents are the most consenting grandparents

The strictest parents are the most consenting grandparents

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Until motherhood and fatherhood come into our lives, we do not know what kind of parents we are going to be. The colleagues, the carefree, the overprotective, the permissive ...? And if we don't yet know what characteristics will define us as parents, imagine as grandparents! Who does know is science: a study claims that the strictest parents are the most consenting grandparents. Why is it?

Almost daily, when I come home from work, I find the same family stamp. My mother lying on the ground playing teachers with my three-year-old daughter, and my father "competing" with the oldest, 8, to see who can get the most questions right in the word Pass game.

I am happy to observe that close and special relationship that my daughters have with their grandparents, although I have to admit that I am envious of the low profile. And not because I was not lucky enough to enjoy my grandparents, on the contrary, but because that sweetness, that affection and that affection with which my father treats his granddaughters he did not have with his children.

He took care to give me the best preparation and training, he took charge of educating me to be a person of integrity and responsibility, he did everything in his power so that I will not lack anything, but perhaps it was too strict. I think he knows it and that is why he has now taken off his armor and literally goes out of his way with my daughters.

It has been difficult for me to assume it, but now, with motherhood, I understand it and I can even justify it. When you become a mother, the stress and worry because being the best makes us often miss those little things that give meaning to the word mother and to life: to be able to enjoy your children without stress and without pressure.

Recently, to my theory of why my father has now relaxed with my daughters, his granddaughters, and did not do it with me, there is also a study from the University of California that explains that the human being possesses a gene, CD33, that evolves to bring greater health and agility to older people and allow them not only to want to enjoy a second youth when they reach an age, but also gives them the opportunity to connect almost instantly with their grandchildren.

According to this report, it is a circumstance - or genetic error as the experts say - that only occurs in the human species, the only one capable of showing affection towards the first, second and third line of descent with gestures and actions, and the one with the longest life expectancy currently, that is, the one with the most time to devote or "spoil" their loved ones. If so, I can only add one more thing: Long live mistakes like these!

The bond between grandparent and grandchild benefits everyone, but there are times when distance can get in the way, and that can't be, because such a relationship is so special that it cannot be ignored or pampered. Here's how to keep this relationship strong, even if you live far away.

- Video chat
Nowadays grandparents know almost more about technology than children, so a good idea may be to set up an appointment through Skype, Hangout or even a WhatsApp video call. Technology has never been so on our / your side!

- Letters
Among the many things that grandparents can teach their grandchildren is writing letters. Ask them to send you a letter a month, telling the little things about their day to day. In return, you agree to have your children respond to them almost instantly. A very creative way to recover a great tradition!

- Share photos
Create a folder in Google Drive and upload different photos so that you can feel closer to each other. You can also establish the rule of changing your whatsapp profile image daily so that every day the grandparents will be able to see the change of the little ones.

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