Original ideas to work the creativity of children

Original ideas to work the creativity of children

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At birth, children are like a blank page on which they themselves write their lives thanks to the pens (tools and resources) that parents are putting on their way. Hence the importance of helping them develop aspects such as creativity and imagination from a very early age. Don't know how to do it? I give you original ideas for work children's creativity.

Routine is good for children because it makes them more self-confident and it also makes them more responsible people. In their day to day, little ones carry out many monotonous actions that do not allow them Develop creativity, That is why we have prepared a list of activities that will surprise you and them.

Surely from home you do a lot of activities that help the child to work on creativity and imagination, but if lately you notice that you are running out of ideas, you have come to the right place! Take note of these tips before getting down to business.

- Write each of these ideas on a piece of paper and put them all in a bag.

- The children will randomly pick a piece of paper.

- There is no limit to develop each activity, you will mark and see that.

- They are activities to have fun. If you see that one of them is complicated, you can move on to another. The idea is that the child and you enjoy.

- Another option is to do this activity all as a family and thus encourage teamwork.

- Some you can do in the present moment, but there are others that you can transfer to any other situation or time of day.

Ready to get started? Leave the shyness and embarrassment aside as we started!

1. Made-up stories
Each member of the family has to write five words on a sheet of paper. They can be names of characters, objects, adjectives, verbs ... Then, whoever has to do the activity, has to create a story from scratch using all or most of them. What is fun?

2. Changing the story
Surely there is a story that your child begs you to tell night after night, despite you. We are not going to ask him or you to remember it now, on the contrary! This activity consists of changing a part of the story to make it more original and different. You can choose the beginning, a fragment in the middle or the end of it. At your choice!

3. The power of superheroes
Spiderman, Batman, Superman ... What is your child's favorite superhero? Everyone? None? Perhaps none of these characters is one of your favorites. If that's the case, why not invent one that has that quality that your little one has always dreamed of?

4. Writing a book
Books are written with words, but also with pictures. Take newspapers, magazines or advertising brochures that you have at home. Cut out pictures, letters, phrases and create a collage on a cardboard with a funny, mysterious or adventure story.

5. Hitting the mark
Music plays a very important role in children's intellectual and hearing development, as well as being a way of expressing ourselves and demonstrating our creativity. Therefore, this activity ... you are going to love it! Create a song, then come up with a choreography that goes with the music.

6. Mysterious object
The only guideline for this game is to have a cardboard box, paints, scissors, and glue on hand. Your child will have to create something: an animal, an object, a character ... Whatever he wants and comes up with!

Encourage creativity of children from a very young age will have a favorable impact on their future, both from a personal point of view and in their relationship with others. Today I want to tell you why you should work with them the activities described above and what advantages it means for them.

- Helps express yourself better
Imagine that moment when your son has to make a presentation at his school or institute. If you have helped him develop his imagination since he was little, he will surprise everyone present!

- Facilitates problem solving
Many times we get blocked and it is difficult for us to make a decision, because we cannot find how to deal with it, something that does not usually happen in children who are used to working on creativity.

- Improve your relationships with your peers
Creativity and imagination help the little one feel more secure and confident in himself, and this will be very useful when he begins to interact with his friends.

- Generate more empathy
And, closely related to the previous point, we find another benefit of working on creativity with our children. And it is that not only will they have a better relationship with their environment, but they will empathize very well with the different situations that arise.

- Brings happiness
Did you know that children with a great creative capacity are happier? They always see the glass as half full and never half empty.

- Develop curiosity
Creativity is not something you are born with, but rather you learn throughout life and that allows children to always want to discover new things, that is, they become more curious.

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