15 phrases to dedicate to your brothers and sisters and seal that special bond

15 phrases to dedicate to your brothers and sisters and seal that special bond

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The brothers They are the people with whom our children spend the most hours during their growth. The brothers share childhood and adolescence, and it can be said that they are the people who have had lives most similar to ours. They have been educated with the same rules and have shared a roof, games, adventures, confidences. That is why we have prepared these phrases to dedicate to the brothers and reflect on this very special person in each one's life.

How to explain to your children the importance of pampering and nurturing the fraternal union? These phrases can be used for this, you can also use them to send it by mail or by WhatsApp to your brother or brother. Another option is to print these phrases to dedicate to the brothers along with a photo in which your children appear and give it to them for their birthday. It will be an indelible memory that will remain with them in their hearts!

1. Our brothers. They resemble us enough to make all their differences seem confusing to us. No matter how we interpret the above, our entire lives will be lived in relation to them.

This is a quote from the American writer Susan Scarf Merrell. Certainly the brothers have their lives linked.

2. A brother is a friend that nature gives us.

What a great truth! Who has not said that my brother / a is my best friend? The phrase is from Baptiste Legouve.

3. A brother could be the guardian of one's identity, the only person with the keys to the most fundamental being of oneself.

Marian Sandmailer talks about the importance of knowing ourselves through siblings.

4. We came into the world as brother and brother. And now we go hand in hand, neither before the other.

The great William Shakespeare also dedicated a phrase to the brothers.

5. Siblings are people we learn from, people who teach us about fairness, cooperation, kindness, and caring.

Siblings learn from each other. This phrase is from Pamela Dugdale.

6. Sibling hugs warm the soul.

Fraternal hugs are the most heartfelt.

7. Take care of your siblings, they are the people who will love you the most.

The love of the brothers is unconditional.

8. My dear sister, like the branches of a tree we grow in different directions, but our root is only one.

What an evocative image to talk about fraternity!

9. The brothers will always be united by the heart.

Certainly. This sentence implies the whole meaning of the brotherly bond.

10. A brother is an accomplice in adventures.

Of course! If you have adventures with someone, it is with your brothers.

11. Only a brother can love like a father, annoy like a sister, care like a mother and support like a friend.

Here are all the facets a sibling can go through.

12. Teaching children to love their parents and siblings and to be respectful to their superiors lays the foundation for correct mental and moral attitudes to become good citizens.

Confucius talks about the importance of respect between family members.

13. Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.

These words are part of a Vietnamese proverb.

14. Every birthday, every year of my life I ask to reach you brother and be as great as you.

Precious words to dedicate to a brother.

15. Your happiness will always be mine.

Brothers really always want the happiness of their fellow men.

All these phrases lead us to reflect on the fraternal relationship that our children have with their siblings and, as parents, we also have the duty to try to ensure that they live together in harmony and that they always respect each other.

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