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Back pain in children

Back pain in children

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Walking hunched over or sitting in the wrong posture at the desk in class or doing homework can lead to back injury in children. If you want to teach your children to sit correctly and walk upright, take note of the tips for preventing and treating back pain from Dr.Domingo Carretero, specialist in Traumatology of the Kovacs Foundation.

How can children prevent back pain at school?
The child spends 8 hours sitting at school and hence the importance of doing it correctly. The correct form is the law of right angles, the leg forming a right angle with the thigh, the trunk forming a right angle with the thigh, close to the back of the chair and the arms more or less close to the body . The height of the desk must be correct, so that it does not force the child to have his shoulders raised up and that they do not hang him either.

This is more difficult to accomplish than it seems because the desks all grow at the same time and each child grows at a rate. By this we mean that there would have to be simple screw systems that could raise or lower the height of the table. Although the child spends 8 hours in class, at home, when he is studying, he must also have good posture, there the parents can influence more.

How should children transport school supplies?
It is always said that the head has to work more than the back and this means wearing only the essentials. The way to carry it, the most advisable thing would be to carry a backpack with wheels with an extendable handle so that it adapts to the child's height. If that is not allowed by fashion and it has to be hung, that is on both shoulders, that the straps are wide, that it carries a belt so that it adapts perfectly to the body on the lumbar sacral area, not only on one side in plan bandolier, that would not be correct.

Always keep in mind that eThe child should not carry more than 10 percent of their weightIn other words, if the child weighs 40 kg, the maximum weight they should carry is 4 kg. It is difficult to achieve, but the closer we get to the ideal, the better we will be doing.

Can sport prevent back pain?
In the case of exercise and sport, in principle, any exercise is better than none. There are some more complete than others, but it is always decisive that it be done continuously, taking into account the sport that the child likes the most.

Regarding exercise, we must insist on the importance of the work of coaches and teachers, to teach children that you always have to warm up the muscles before exercising and then stretch them. And more than the competitive desire to win, which there has to be some, the important thing is to see that the child is improving in the development of this sport.

What postural hygiene guidelines do we have to teach children so that their backs do not hurt or develop injuries?
That said, the child should always sit with his back resting on the back of the chair, and making right angles, in such a way that the trunk makes a right angle with the thighs, the thighs with the legs, that the arms are more or less close to the body and the height of the table is such that it allows the shoulders to be at a normal height, not too high or hanging. At home, parents can control the child's posture when doing homework, and reproduce the appropriate postures.

Another issue is that it can force a child to complain at night that his back hurts, it is the issue of the mattress. Mattresses must be firm. They can provide other added advantages, but fundamentally it is the hardness of the mattress that influences. The degree of hardness should be intermediate so that the child feels comfortable on that mattress.

What are the injuries that children frequently develop in the back?
The most common consultation of parents during the childhood of their children is scoliosis, that is, the formation of abnormal curvatures in the back. If we see the child from behind with a bare back, the spine should be like a vertical line. When this line curves to the right or to the left, we are dealing with a case of scoliosis.

What should we never do when our back hurts?
Something important when there is a contracture or any little back problem is to know that rest is useless, it only serves to make everything worse. Logically, if you are in pain, you will not be able to play football or basketball, but it is useless if you are in bed. You better move what you can. This is very important, apart from consulting the pediatrician or the corresponding doctor.

What are the most common treatments in children when their back hurts constantly?
Exercise, drugs, rehabilitation in some cases and specific treatments carried out by the Kovacs Foundation such as neumoreflex therapy, popularly known as staple treatment, which consists of the implantation of small staples in the totally painless back, are the most used .

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