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Organize the best children's superhero party and leave the kids speechless

Organize the best children's superhero party and leave the kids speechless

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Children are fascinated by superheroes. They love their comics, they want to see their movies over and over again, they don't take off their masks even to eat ... Prepare a fun themed birthday party for your son or daughter! So that you do not lack inspiration, in we have prepared an ideas guide with crafts, recipes, games and decoration for a kids superhero party. You will leave all the guests speechless and looking forward to the next celebration in your house!

When preparing a birthday party for children the most important thing is creativity. Bring out the child that you also carry inside and invent a thousand and one games to amuse young and old. If you're willing to get down to business, you don't have to spend a lot of money on preparations; it's a matter of imagination ... and a good hand! These are all the issues that you should take into account when organizing your superhero birthday party.

Questions to keep in mind for your birthday party

  • Invitations for your theme party
  • Surprise with party decorations
  • Costumes with superpowers for children
  • The best recipes for the best children's superhero party
  • Ideal activities and games for children's birthdays

Remember! All games, recipes and activities must be appropriate for the age of the children participating in the party. That is the guarantee of success!

The first decision you must make with your child is if you are going to organize a superhero party, in general, or if there will be a protagonist. This will depend on whether your child is a devoted follower of Spiderman, Batman or Superman ... also you can invent your own superheroes and create your logos. For example, Super Earth could be a green-clad heroine whose emblem is a little bee. Superbeam would be yellow, while Superpanda would be black and white. Imagination to the power!

Lets start by the beginning. The first thing you should have ready are the funniest and most striking invitations that you can imagine. We propose you some very funny cards in which the superheroes are the protagonists. You can download them for free, print and fill out by hand.

Regardless of the design of your invitations, they should always include the following information:

- The name of your son, who celebrates the birthday.

- The name of the child to whom it is addressed.

- The place, date and time of the celebration.

- A phone number to confirm attendance.

Give them enough time to the families you want to attend your party so they can organize themselves. But keep in mind that if you announce the meeting too soon they could be forgotten. Therefore, we recommend that you have the invitations ready and delivered about two weeks before the event. Insist a little so that the children who are going to go confirm their attendance as soon as possible so that you can get an idea of ​​how much food you should prepare.

This may be the most sticking point of any birthday party. On the one hand, your child must decide how many children to invite taking into account the size of the celebration you want / can organize. Now is the time to make a list, which can be very complicated at times, right?

The first thing that has to impress children and leave them with their mouths open is the decoration of the party. You don't have to get too complicated, just put some great details around the house with which you can create a little festive atmosphere. Do you dare to prepare the decorations for your party yourself? We give you some very original ideas!

- Decoration superhero bunting garland
You need to hang some flags from the ceiling of the house to make it clear to everyone that it is a superhero party. For this reason, we tell you how to prepare them step by step so that the result is of cinema. As materials for this craft you only need colored cardboard, scissors, pencil, ruler, stapler, glue and satin ribbon.

- A photocall worthy of superheroes
Photocalls are becoming more and more essential at parties. And it is that all children will want to take photos to remember how well they have had a great time at this super party. Why don't you make a really fun one?

Superheroes are the guardians of the city, which can inspire you to design your mural (without complicating your life too much). You just need some large black cards and some smaller colored cards. Draw over them and then cut out building shapes. Use squares of yellow construction paper to make windows for buildings, green card for trees, etc. Stick with putty or resistant adhesive tape all the figures on a wall that you have free and in front of which all the children of the party can pose to take photos.

- Do not miss the accessories ...
Complete your photocall with different cardboard accessories with which children can pose and have fun when taking photos. For example, cut out a cloud or comic bubble in which an onomatopoeia can be read (Boom! Paff! Bang!) And put a small stick on it so that the little ones can hold it at the height of their heads when taking the photo .

- Dynamite box to give the goodies
If you are thinking of giving small gifts or bags of goodies to guests, do it in a superhero dynamite box. Be careful that it could explode at any moment! We tell you how to do them step by step.

- Superhero lollipops
Another very fun decoration idea for a themed party is superhero lollipops. They are very simple to make. All you have to do is remove the wrapper from a lollipop and rewrap it with a little tissue paper. On a piece of cardboard, cut out a mask the size of the candy and stick it with a piece of double-sided tape.

What would a superhero party be without costumes ... the most boring party of the century! You don't have to ask all the children to come dressed up as home. In fact, including as a requirement that they come dressed is a chore for all those who do not already have a costume, since their families will have to buy it for the occasion. Better, prepare yourself some details that allow the children to dress up at the party itself. We propose you some ideas.

- Superhero or superhero cape
Not all superheroes wear a cape, but it is a very recurring accessory when it comes to dressing up. In addition, it is very easy to do with your own hands.

Take your child as a measurement (although you should bear in mind that there are probably children taller and shorter than him) and cut a rectangular piece of fabric that reaches, more or less, from the shoulders to the knees. On the other hand, cut an elongated piece of the same fabric that, sewn at one end of the fabric, will serve to tie the cape. If you want to do without neck laces, which can be very dangerous, get some clips with which you can fasten the cape to the shoulders of your guests' shirts. With some markers, you can write or draw the logo of your favorite superheroes.

Don't forget to make your own cape!

- Superhero masks and eye masks
You cannot forget to make masks of the different superheroes that children like the most. We propose, for example, a Catwoman mask for which you only need foam rubber, string, glue and scissors. But you can make it from any other real or invented superhero!

You can prepare these details in the days before the party or include the crafts as one more activity of the party. Children will be delighted to do a few crafts that they can then enjoy themselves.

- Makeup for your birthday party
And in the absence of a mask ... well it's makeup! If you have a good hand with paints, set up a makeup stall that the children can go through so you can paint them as their favorite superhero. We recommend that you practice a little with one of our fantasy makeup tutorials so that children do not have to run to the bathroom to remove the design you have made for them. Ask parents before if children are allergic to face paint to avoid scares!

A superhero does not have powers when he has an empty belly, therefore, you must fill the birthday party with delicious and healthy food that gives your guests a lot of energy. And, of course, the theme has to remain that of superheroes. Take note of these ideas that we propose.

- The snack that energizes superheroes
A giant sandwich at your party? Yes! We will tell you how to prepare this huge sandwich to satisfy the hunger of your guests. It is very simple and tasty!

- Cupcakes with powers
Nobody is bitter about a sweet, so they can also be present among the food for your party. Remember to put some details related to the subject at hand. It is as simple as creating small posters with onomatopoeia with cardboard and sticking them with a little adhesive tape to some food sticks (as we have done with the sandwich above).

- Superhero cake
How are you baking? A birthday needs a cake. If you are not going to make it yourself, remember to order it with a reason related to superheroes that will surprise your child.

- Don't miss the fruit!
A children's party is an ideal time to continue promoting healthy eating among the little ones in the house. Therefore, we suggest that you include some fruit on the snack table. You can put it in the shape of a skewer or in an origami box that you can make yourself. Place a sign next to the fruit with the super power it brings: flying, super strength, speed ... This is a very fun and attractive way to present the fruit to children.

As important as the decoration are the activities you plan so that the children have the best time of their lives. Are you out of ideas? Take a look at the list of games that we propose below!

- Storytelling
A classic that almost never fails, especially when the party guests are younger, is the storyteller. How could it be otherwise, the stories you have to tell must be related to superheroes. Don't you know any hero tales?

- Superhero Gymkhana
There is nothing more fun for a birthday than organizing a gymkhana with physical and mental tests for children: balloon catwalks, walking with an egg on a spoon, jumping inside the rings ...

- The superhero race
In a bag, put different papers that have different superpowers written on them: jump on the limp, see without eyes, go backwards ... Ask an innocent hand to take one of them ... and run! Each of the races will have as a requirement to follow the superpower that has come out in the raffle.

- Superhero Movies
To end the party, or when there are only a few children who are waiting for their parents to arrive to pick them up, you can put some movies starring superheroes. There are many that we can think of!

Try to involve your child in all the preparations for the party so that, in this way, they live the entire process and increase their desire for the appointed day to arrive. That the whole family collaborate in the organization It can be a great idea, since you will have a great time, encourage teamwork and instill a sense of responsibility in your children.

At this point, in We can only hope you enjoy what will surely be the best children's superhero party ever!

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