Origami box with fruit for your children's superhero parties

Origami box with fruit for your children's superhero parties

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The best food for superheroes, the one that gives them the most strength and energy, is ... fruit! That is why they can never be absent from superhero children's parties. You must present it in the most attractive and fun way that you can think of.

So in We suggest you give it a super power and put it in an Origami box. If your son or daughter is a big fan of superheroes, he will be very excited if you organize a themed birthday party for him and all his friends.


  • blue, red and yellow cardstock
  • glue
  • red tissue paper
  • black marker
  • scissors

You can prepare this box with the child to involve him in the organization of the celebration while promoting fine motor skills and teamwork. Putting fruit at a birthday party is a great gesture for promote healthy eating in children, that they will learn to eat it almost as if it were a candy.

Have you got your arachnid power ready? And the gloves with super powers? Have you put on the force cloak? All this is going to be necessary for you prepare these boxes to store the fruit! Prepared? Here is the step by step. You will see that it is not as complicated as it seems, you just have to follow the step by step calmly and without rushing. For origami to be successful, you have to be very focused and pay close attention, so don't be in a hurry.

1. Start clipping a blue card stock square measuring 31cm long by 31cm wide. Fold the cardstock by joining the upper right peak to the lower left peak. You have got a triangle, right? Mark the fold well (you can help yourself with a folder). Unfold the triangle and fold the square again, now joining the upper left peak with the lower right peak. Again, you will have a triangle. Unfold again. The idea is that a cross that joins the peaks is marked on the paper, like the one you can see in the image.

2. To continue, fold the four peaks of the square, one by one, towards the center. Remember mark each fold well what you do because this will make it easier for you to make the box for your superhero-themed birthday party.

3. Keeping the folds you just made, fold the bottom side of the square in half, and then fold the top side of the square in the same way. So you will get a rectangle.

4. Undo the rectangle and repeat the previous step, now folding the right and left side towards the center. Again you have to have a rectangle! Are you following the step by step? It sure looks good on you. What little is left to enjoy at your party!

5. Go back to undo the rectangle you just obtained and take a good look at all the folds that have been marked on the square. All these brands will serve as guide to build your fruit box. Make sure all four peaks are still bent and in the center.

Of the four peaks that are in the center, stretch the right peak and the left peak to undo the sides. And then fold the top and bottom side of the figure in half. Take a good look at the image to see how it's done.

6. Start folding the box! If you look closely, the figure has been divided into three large squares. Use the central square to guide you. Fold the left square inward.

7. Then fold the right square inwards and you will get a simple cardboard box.

8. Now that you have the most complicated part finished, you just need to decorate and present the fruit in a showy and appetizing way. First of all, take a piece of red tissue paper to be able to put the fruit inside the box.

9. The time has come to choose the fruit that we are going to introduce inside the box! This decision is the most complicated, since you must take into account different elements: that the fruit does not stain too much so that the cardboard does not soften, that there are no allergic children at the party, that it be a fruit that the little ones like, that does not have bones that can cause choking, avoid fruits or cut them vertically ...

Once you have selected the fruit that you will put in the boxes (which can be the same for all the boxes or vary to surprise the children) touch ... assign a super power! We have chosen the super power of flying! But to the rest of the boxes you make you can put other powers such as climbing the walls, super strength, speed ...

Cast it into a superhero comic-style poster like this one.

10. To finish, we have chopped a banana to fill the box and place the sign with the superpower that we have assigned to it. We have left the peel so that the box does not spoil or the fruit rust. If you want it to be even more attractive, you can sprinkle with cinnamon or chocolate shavings.

Awesome! True? Enjoy your birthday party a lot!

Video: Secret Box Making Easy Tutorial For Kids. DIY Gift Box Origami. Paper Craft (June 2022).


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