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Are today's children macho? Educating for equality begins at home

Are today's children macho? Educating for equality begins at home

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We always hear phrases like 'Don't cry, don't be a babe', 'girls can't play football', 'if you drive badly, it's a woman', 'you run like a girl', 'you have to be strong like a man' ... and many times we do not realize the sexist load they carry.

The list of phrases with macho connotations that our children say and hear even today is immense. It all starts with homeschooling, home and school.

Any day is good to claim this, but on Working Women's Day, it takes on more value.

If even today we celebrate the Women's Day it's for something. Although women have conquered land previously occupied only by men, although we have achieved respect and a prominent position in society, even today many women continue to be discriminated against in the workplace and are victims of sexual assaults and gender violence.

According to data from UNICEF, in India, women are still a bargaining chip in family transactions, more than 110 million children in the world do not go to school, of them two thirds are girls, female genital mutilation affects 130 million girls and women worldwide and, in some cultures, preference for boys it results in prenatal sex selection and infanticide of girls.

They are examples of how gender inequality affects women, they are serious, tremendous, very sad cases. You may think that it does not touch you closely and that it is something far away, however, right here, in your city, in your neighborhood, at your children's school, perhaps in your own home, women continue to be underestimated and subtracted value. How? There are phrases and beliefs that are still installed and anchored in our culture.

It is not strange to hear a child say that girls cannot play soccer with them because ... they are girls; nor should a father scold his son because he cries like a girl; we can even see how children laugh at a girl because they do not consider her to be very "feminine". Machismo is in schools and, if it is there, it is because it comes from our homes.

Education for equality begins in the family. We have an obligation to speak and listen to our children, to know what they think and to destroy any prejudices they have. But above all, we have a great responsibility to educate them by example and take care of the words and behaviors that we have.

Value how we relate to our partner, our environment, and society to raise children who respect differences, manage empathy and value each person regardless of their gender.

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