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International Women's Day 2018: fighting for gender equality is an emergency

International Women's Day 2018: fighting for gender equality is an emergency

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Every March 8 is celebrated International Women's Day, formerly called Working Women's Day. Fortunately, the "worker" tag has been eliminated, which is really redundant.

Far from feminisms, politicized messages, demagoguery and other philias and phobias that this day awakens, there is a basic message that is vital to transmit to new generations: fighting for gender equality is an emergency.

It all started in 1857 when a group of women who worked in a factory in New York stopped working in protest at their precarious working conditions. That was the first time that a group of women claimed wage increases. Their "little" rebellion was violently contained, more than 100 women were charred to death inside the factory.

It was in 1910 when an international women's conference held in Denmark came up with the idea of ​​creating a date in honor of these dead workers. It was not until 1975 when the General Assembly of the United Nations, decreed March 8 as International Women's Day. Today it is an official holiday in 25 countries around the world, including Cambodia and Afghanistan.

Every March 8 we hear the voices of artists, politicians, journalists and even youtubers who cry out for women's rights. Social networks are filled with phrases, vignettes and videos. Strikes and demonstrations are organized. And, days later, when the noise has stopped ... what has changed? What successes have been achieved since Women's Day was enacted in 1975?

We cannot say that objectives have not been achieved, but we can say that there are still many to be achieved. Women of my generation were instilled with the idea that we had to be financially independent, educated to feel equal to men, and sent to college to fill jobs in the job market. But, the reality is that, in our day to day, we continue to suffer from gender inequality.

The truth is that:

- We spend more time taking care of the house.

- We invest more time in caring for children.

- We are the women who reconcileDespite the fact that men have this right, there are not many companies that welcome a man reducing his working hours to care for a minor.

- 1 in 3 women suffer physical and / or sexual violence by their partner throughout their lives.

- Every 6 minutes a woman is at risk of genital mutilation.

- Every 2 seconds, a woman under the age of 18 is forced to marry.

- There are 1.75 billion women in paid work, But the annual salary of women today is equal to that of men a decade ago.

- The pay gap soars in managerial positions, where women earn 23% less than their male colleagues.

It is therefore an emergency to fight for gender equality, International Women's Day exists because inequality is still a reality throughout the world. We want a world where:

- The same job, have the same salary, regardless of the sex of the worker.

- A girl or a woman does not have to claim her rights because she is a woman.

- Being a mother does not mean a brake on a woman's working life.

- That a woman, just because she is one, is not the target of discrimination, harassment, violence and humiliation.

- Equality!

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