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Momo's viral challenge that could end your child's life

Momo's viral challenge that could end your child's life

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In three weeks, my 7-year-old daughter is going on what is her second overnight excursion away from home. She is excited and I am also excited to see her, although a little worried because at the school gate I heard some children in her class comment that they would play Momo, a supposedviral challenge that prompts children to end their lives. What is it? What does it consist of? How has it gotten so viral? What's behind Momo? I tell you!

Momo He is a character that is really scary, very scary, there is nothing more than seeing the photo. A woman with bulging eyes, a skewed smile, disheveled hair, and crow's feet. It supposedly comes from your number WhatsApp, and it is said that at any time it can appear on your mobile and ask you to get in touch with a phone that indicates you.

If this is so, it is clear that parents, including myself, must control the use and time our children spend in front of the mobile phone downloading apps or writing and / or sending voice audios to their friends.

This Maqueavélico character tells the children that they will be "killed while they sleep" if they do not communicate with him and if they do not accept him in their WhatsApp friends network. Once the child has connected with Momo, the person behind the account can send whatever they want to the child.

Users are told to harm and even kill themselves and are threatened if they refuse to follow "orders." If it is not done, Momo He threatens to appear at night in their dreams and to throw a terrible curse on them.

After reading all this, I sure have put you in fear in the body, right? Well, forget about everything, because apparently after revolutionizing the media, social networks and the internet, it turns out that Momo is a fake, it's false!

Momo does not exist. It has not crept into any YouTube video, nor has it appeared in the Fortnite game. Nor has it caused the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina, nor has it caused the suicide of a boy in France and another in Belgium, but it can assure you that it has generated a situation of anguish and tension for the parents and has made my daughter not sleep at night when she hears the name of this character pronounced.

I still do not understand the grace of these hoaxes, firstly because of the alertness that they may entail and, secondly, because perhaps this time it is all a lie, but it may happen that the next viral challenge reach situations as extreme as those that have circulated on the net. Let's not play with these things, please!

Before my daughter goes to urban camping, I know I have to have a talk with her. What am I going to say to him in this conversation where I don't want to be heavy mother?

- That Momo is a fake news and I will try to dismantle all the legend created around this character.

- Do not feel pressured by having to follow the fashions. If others want to follow Momo's story, let them do so, but she is free to choose to play something else.

- That you are not a coward for saying no, on the contrary, it is a brave gesture.

- That their friends may be angry at first because they do not want to participate in the momo game, but if they are real friends, they won't care.

- I will also explain that Momo It is not real and that, like the horror stories that the grown-ups tell at recess, Momo is an invented character who cannot do her any harm.

As a mother, I too have to stay alert. I must monitor the content you see on any device (mobile, tablet, computer or television) and observe if there have been changes in your sleeping patterns or behavior at home or at school.

Today is MomoIt seems that in the end everything is a hoax but tomorrow it may be another character, in this case not invented, the one who tries to steal the meaning of my life, from my daughter, and, honestly, I am not willing.

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