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The traveling bear. Emotional story to explain cancer to children

The traveling bear. Emotional story to explain cancer to children

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Talking about complicated topics, such as serious illness or death, with children can be uncomfortable for adults, but most of all, difficult. This children's story, entitled "The traveling bear", speaks of a situation that unfortunately is lived in some homes: one of the children is diagnosed with some type of childhood cancer. This story can be very helpful in explain this disease to children in a way that they can easily understand, whether it's because of their brother, a family member, or a friend from school.

Jorge sometimes fought with Inés, but in general he got along quite well with his sister.

While they were having breakfast Jorge would pull Ines's pigtails and the little girl complained every day; But if some morning Jorge didn't make her mad, the girl would also tease him to get his attention.

Ines had been very tired for a few days. One afternoon she began to feel ill, had a fever and chills, and her parents rushed her to the doctor. After doing numerous medical tests, they were told that the girl had leukemia and it was urgent to treat the disease; so she had to stay in the hospital.

- Where are Ines and Mom? - Jorge asked surprised when he saw that his father arrived alone.

- Ines is sick and has to stay in the hospital for a while - her father told her very seriously. - Mom is with her.

Jorge was silent for a few seconds.

- What happens? - He asked very sorry.

- He has leukemia - his father answered him again without lying.

- And what is that dad? - Jorge asked in a low voice.

- Leukemia is a disease of the blood. Ines has to undergo a bone marrow transplant so her blood can heal and return to normal. It is like put in his body little soldiers to help him win this battle. You understand?

"I think so," replied the boy as two big tears fell down his cheeks.

From that moment, the monotony in which the family was anchored disappeared at a stroke and their day to day changed radically.

Jorge saw his parents very sad and worried, and he greatly missed his sister, whom he had not seen since the day she was admitted to the hospital.

At night Jorge slept with his teddy bear and held it tightly against him thinking he was hugging his sister. The little bear had a hole in its back and the brothers put their hands there playing like a puppet. It occurred to Jorge to write some letters to his sister telling her how much he missed her and he hid it there. The next day he told his parents to bring the bear to Inés so that she could stay with him.

When Ines discovered her brother's letter and he read it, his eyes lit up:

«Hello Inés, I want you to come home soon. Get good, I miss you so much. George".

And he had painted a nice red heart surrounded by many little soldiers. Inés, instead of keeping the bear as Jorge had thought, responded to her brother in the same way; he wrote some letters and hid the paper on the bear's back asking his parents to take it to his brother.

"Hello Jorge. I'm tired. I also want to come home soon to play with you. This is very boring. Agnes".

And he also painted a doll with a grimace making his brother see how he felt.

What at first seemed like an occasional idea became an everyday thing for the children. The teddy bear traveled continuously from the hospital to the house and from home to the hospital, making the two brothers feel better by being in contact every day. After a while, Inés was able to hug her brother Jorge, and although she had to be admitted to the hospital for a few more months, the soldiers that the doctors had put in her body, made her Ines will regain her strength and win the battle.

Now Jorge continues to pull his sister's pigtails in the morning, while they laugh happily.

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