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Names of cities, countries and continents for girls

Names of cities, countries and continents for girls

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You may be very clear about the baby's name because you plan to continue with the family tradition, or because you like original, rare names, or because you have preferences for famous names ... but if you have not yet decided which name to choose for your girl here you go place-inspired names like cities, countries and continents. A beautiful alternative to choose the ideal name for your baby.

The place names They are a very original option that does not fall into eccentricity. Cities, states, countries or continents give names to many girls around the world and they are very sophisticated. We have a list of 10 place names for girls.

1. Greece. This name of the country that was the cradle of Western culture is also a popular name for girls around the world. We like it because of the charisma and magic it transmits and because it is original despite its use.

2. Dakota. It is the name of a state in the USA and we also know it from a famous actress who carries it. Its sound adds personality and has a sophisticated air that we cannot resist.

3. Chelsea. The name is known to us from one of the most famous neighborhoods in London and is a frequent name for girls in many countries. Its charm resides in that delicate air that it gives off and in its musicality.

4. Africa. This name from one of the five continents is not uncommon to hear in girls around the world. It is a strong name, with a great personality capable of maintaining its exotic touch despite its use.

5. Sidney. One of the best-known cities in Australia gives rise to this unisex name that works for both girls and boys. Its success lies in the fact that it is the most elegant and distinguished.

6. Asia. Again a continent gives its name to many girls from all over the world. It is a short name that does not lose any strength capable of reinforcing the personality of your girl.

7. Paris. The French capital has inspired many families to choose the name of their baby. With a touch of love, this name is used by both girls and girls and its charm is undeniable.

8. America. That a continent like the American is also the name of an idea of ​​the personality that the baby will have. It is a traditional name that is very familiar to us and is used all over the world.

9. Georgia. It is the name of an American state but also of a country. It is not exactly a rare name for a girl, but it still retains a lot of freshness and originality.

10. Arizona. This is one of the prettiest names for girls. It corresponds to one of the US states and is very popular among North American girls. We like it for its charm and the charisma it gives off.

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