Italian names for girls inspired by women from Ancient Rome

Italian names for girls inspired by women from Ancient Rome

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For years we have heard that behind a great man there is a great woman. Today we want to remember some of those great women to pay our little tribute and use them as inspiring names that our little ones can wear with pride today. Today we make our stop in history in Ancient Rome to propose some italian names for girls taken from among papyri and chariots.

Despite patriarchal structures, women were the backbone of Roman civilization. Few peoples of antiquity granted women as many rights and freedoms as Rome did. In this list, select some of the most important women of the time to serve as inspiration when naming your future little girl. In one way or another, all of them marked the historical development of Rome, and without which their world, and consequently ours, would not have been the same.

In addition, this small guide to Italian names also offers you the meanings and origins of each of the names. In this way, deciding what you are going to call your daughter will be easier for you. Good luck ... and forward!

1. Julia
We begin this ranking of Italian names with a name with a long tradition but that is still used today. It's about Julia, or as the Italians would say, Giulia. It is the feminine variant of the name Julio. And surely a certain Julius Caesar sounds like you ...

Julio comes from the Latin term ‘iulius’, with which all those belonging to the Roman Julia family are identified. Apparently it was descended from Julus, the son of Aeneas. At this point it must be clarified that the etymology is not entirely clear, although it seems that this character is related to Jupiter, main Roman deity. For all this, we could say that the meaning of Julia would be something like 'that which is consecrated to Jupiter'. However, other sources assure that the word derives from the Latin ‘lulis’, which means “heat”. Hence, he ended up naming one of the hottest months in the northern hemisphere, July.

Under this name we are left with the figure of Julia Domna, who would end up being the wife of Emperor Lucio Septimio Severo.

2. Livia
In the second place on this list we propose Livia ... A very original name for your babies! You should know that it comes from the Latin term ‘liveo, livius’ and that it translates as “pale or from the Livios family”.

Again we come to a small dilemma, and that is that there are other investigations that assure that this name should be interpreted as "the one with the color of olive". In this case, it should be noted that this name would be related to the word olive and, therefore, with spiritual peace and devotion to God.

In History the figure of Livia Drusilla, remembered for being the second wife of the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus. She would also be the mother of the Emperor of Ancient Rome Tiberius Caesar Augustus.

3. Claudia
The origin of this name is found in latin. Its etymology derives from the term ‘claudio’, which means “light”. Did you know that Claudia's saints are celebrated on May 18? A day that will become very special from the moment you decide to give your girl this name.

In case you don't remember the school classes, we remind you that Claudius was a Roman emperor. In fact, he was the first to be born outside the Italian peninsula.

4. Agrippina
It must be recognized that Agrippina is not the most popular name that can be found today. But what is clear is that it is original ... very original! Also, you should know that you will be doing a beautiful tribute to a great woman of Ancient Rome. The fact is that Agrippina the young woman was a very intelligent and ambitious woman who managed to make a niche for herself in the imperial family.

Agrippina is the feminine form of the name Agrippa, possibly of Etruscan origin and its meaning is “born of difficult childbirth.

5. Gala
Gala is a name of Latin origin derived from the word 'gallus', the gentilicio used to refer to the natives of Gaul. It is also said that its origin could be in Germany and its meaning comes from the words "gal", "gamald", which means something like "old" or "gray".

On the one hand, when we hear this name we remember Gala Placidia, daughter of the emperor Theodosius. She was kidnapped by the Visigoths who, from that moment on, could boast of having been related to Rome ... But, of course, we also remember (although we get off the subject a bit) of Dalí's great muse, his wife Gala.

6. Cornelia
And when you choose an original Italian name, we suggest Cornelia. It is a feminine name derived from a Latin gentilicio ‘cornelius’, which means “little horn” as symbol of abundance and prosperity. On the other hand, there are also those who say that he should associate with one of the most prominent Roman families, that of Corne.

We highlight here the figure of Cornelia, daughter of Scipio the African and a famous Roman matron. Did you know that his sons became the tribunes of the plebs, something like the defenders of the people, the most famous in all the history of Rome?

7. Aurelia
Would you like to call your daughter Aurelia? It has Latin origin and its meaning is "Golden and resplendent." Indeed, as you are thinking, the first famous Aurelia in history was Julius Caesar's mother. Did you know that she was considered one of the most outstanding beauties of her time?

There are several dates to celebrate the saints of this name, depending on the saint you want to honor: March 8, September 25, October 15 and December 2.

Have you already decided how to call your little daughter? If the answer to this question is negative, we recommend that you keep searching patiently. You don't have to give up Italian names, you just have to find the most beautiful way to call your daughter. We propose some more ideas!

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