The good lion. Children's poems to educate children in values

The good lion. Children's poems to educate children in values

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In Guiainfantil.com we are convinced that children's poems are an excellent resource for Educate children in values. The verses can teach them what is generosity, empathy, solidarity or cooperation, among others. That is why we propose you this poetry for children that talks about how animals, even if they are rivals, help each other when they are in danger. It is titled "The Good Lion."

Between a smoke screen

suddenly found himself,

and soon cornered him.

A voice from a cave

he called the fawn,

eyes were looking at him,

they looked like a lion.

The frightened fawn,

I didn't know what to do

and the fire was at his feet.

Decided to enter the cave

before dying burned

and immediately discovered

that he was accompanied there.

There were other animals

that with a scared face,

they looked at the fawn

that entered very upset.

A snake and a wolf,

a zebra and a mouse

and in a corner a wild boar.

From the door this time

I call A swallow

and everyone made room for him

gathering in a corner.

The lion that is so terrible,

it seemed to the fawn,

it helped everyone,

A cricket just came in!

As you may have seen, this poem talks about the solidarity and kindness of the lion. But in our site we have many other children's poems that convey important values ​​to our children. Here we propose a small selection.

1. Walking
This is a nice poem that will help children distinguish what is right from what is wrong; positive emotions (such as empathy or solidarity) from negative ones (envy or resentment). Thanks to these verses, your child will understand which emotions they should reject because they can hurt the people around them.

2 The two kittens
Magnificent poem for the little ones to understand why it is so important to respect the people around us, even if they are different from us. Both children and adults should work on a value as important as tolerance. Long live diversity!

3. The shoemaker boy
These verses talk about the satisfaction of a job well done. They help us explain to our children how important it is to strive for good results and achieve our wishes. In addition, this poem can be very helpful for children to start cooperating at home.

4. At recess
Many children have a hard time sharing their belongings. We cannot force them to leave their toys to other children, as that would not help them learn why they should be generous. However, we must teach them by example why generosity is so important. This poem will make the little ones reflect because it talks about a daily situation for them with which they will feel very identified: the schoolyard.

5. The fly and the spider
What is empathy? It is a complicated concept to explain in a simple way so that children can understand it. We propose these verses starring a fly and a spider, with which you will get your child to understand what it means to 'put themselves in the other's shoes'.

6. Santilin
And finally, we suggest this poem that transmits the important value of friendship to the little ones. Its protagonist is a bear with a big heart who helps a porcupine so that he can play with the rest of his friends.

To read more animal poems, stay tuned to Guiainfantil.com!

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