Italian names for boys and girls. T - Z

Italian names for boys and girls. T - Z

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If you are having a baby soon ... congratulations! Prepare everything you need for the desired moment and think carefully about the name you are going to give your child. And it is that the name is our first sign of identity when we arrive in the world. In this name guide you will find Italian names for boys, but also for girls. We have focused on the names that begin with the last letters of the alphabet: T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z. You will find the perfect name for your baby.

There are many options for names, so we recommend that you go by discarding and writing down the ones you like the most in a list. You can show your first selection to family and closest friends for feedback. But remember! parents should have the last word. Think carefully about what name you want to give your child without being influenced too much by what people say. Surely you choose very well!

To help you, in this small compilation of names for boys We have gathered very different and varied names: there are more original ideas, but there are also very popular names, with a lot of tradition. Choose between short and long names. With a little patience and reflection you will end up finding the most beautiful Italian name for your child.

  • Italian names preferred by parents
  • Classy short names for boys and girls
  • Italy long name ideas for babies
  • The most original Italian names for your child to be unique
  • Beautiful Italy! Italian names inspired by famous people
  • Selection of the best names from T to V
  • The most original names from W to Z

We started our dictionary of names with very nice ideas for your baby! You are ready? Remember, choose without pressure ... And keep in mind the origin and meaning of the different names.

Italian names preferred by parents

We start by proposing the most popular names in Italy, for both boys and girls. Sure they sound a lot to you ... Betting on a name with a lot of tradition is always a good option, since many children have proven its effectiveness before. Decide on one of these names.

  1. Taddeo.Italian form of Thaddeus, a name of Aramaic origin that means 'man with a robust chest' or 'brave'.
  2. Tommaso. Thomas also comes from Aramaic and means 'the twin'. His saints are July 3.
  3. Valentina. Increasingly popular name meaning 'brave'. Its origin is Latin.
  4. Vincenzo. Vincenzo is Vicente in Spanish. It is of Latin origin and means 'winner'.
  5. Vittorio. Victor's Italian form is Vittorio. It is a Latin name that refers to victory.
  6. Zoila. Of Greek origin, Zoila means 'vital' or 'full of life'.

Classy short names for boys and girls

It seems that the fashion is to give children ever shorter names. So much so that, if you stop to think, there are very popular names that have only three letters. Why not? Below you will find the meaning and origin of some of the shortest and most beautiful Italian names.

  1. Titus. Beyond characters he remembers, Tito comes from titus, which means 'the defender'.
  2. Tobia. Of Hebrew origin, it means 'one who thanks God for his life'.
  3. Ugo. We remove the H from Hugo and we arrive at Ugo, a name of German origin.
  4. Vita. Word used to name life.
  5. Vera. It comes from the Latin verus, so it means 'true'.
  6. Zeno. Original name of Greek origin that comes from Zeus, so it means 'shine'.
  7. Zia. Of Latin origin, it is relative to the grain. It is the name of an indigenous tribe in New Mexico.

Italy long name ideas for babies

There is no reason to be afraid of names with many letters, because they are often prettier and convey much more than shorter names. If you are looking for long Italian names, consider the following options.

  1. Traviata. Name of the Italian opera Giuseppe Verdi.
  2. Timothy. Name of Greek origin that means 'the one who worships God'. The saints are on January 26.
  3. Umberto. Of German origin, it is made up of two words that mean 'the shine of the puppy'.
  4. Venice. Name of the tourist city of the channels of Italy.
  5. Zinerva.Russian form for Minerva. It alludes to wisdom and knowledge.

The most original Italian names for your child to be unique

Many parents look for names that are unique to their children. And, although since We always defend creativity and imagination in any circumstance, when choosing a baby's name, certain limits must be taken into account. And it is that we must avoid at all costs names that sound too strange and that may embarrass the child in the future. Originality yes; humiliation no.

  1. Theodotus. Of Greek origin, it means 'Gift of God'.
  2. Urban. Name of Latin origin that means 'the one who belongs to the city'; saints on May 25.
  3. Verita. Of Italian origin, Verita means 'truth'.
  4. Vinicio. It comes from the Latin Vinicius. It is believed that it could refer to wine.
  5. Vivalda.Vivalda is a Latin name related to combat.
  6. Walter. Name of German origin that means 'the head of the army'.

Beautiful Italy! Italian names inspired by famous people

Italy has contributed great characters both to history and to culture or sport. We have selected some of the most famous celebrities and have borrowed their names. They are sure to be a great source of inspiration for you.

  1. Titian.Name in honor of the great Italian Renaissance painter.
  2. Valeria. It comes from valerius, which means 'healthy'
  3. Valentino. Valentino Rossi is one of the greatest figures in Italian motorcycling.
  4. Virgil.Name of Latin origin that means 'virgin'. His saints are June 26.

Selection of the best names from T to V

If your name begins with T and you would like to share an initial with your child, take a look at the following table. We have made a small compilation of names for children that begin with this letter. Surely you like some of the options a lot!


Give your child a name with U to find an original one. If you look at the following table, you will realize that there are very modern names that begin with this letter and others that convey a lot of tradition. Which one do you prefer?


The letter V can inspire you to find a very nice name for your little one. Choosing whether you want a long name or a short name for your child can be a good first decision to discard some names. In this way, it will be easier for you to choose.


The most original names from W to Z

Although in Spanish there are not many names that begin with W, in Italian we can think of some. You can see them in the following table.


What if you give your child a name with X? Great idea! Although it will be a bit more difficult to pronounce, it can be an option for all parents who are looking for an original and modern name for their newborns.


The Y is also a very special letter, since it is not as common as others. If you are looking for an Italian name that begins with it, take a look at these ideas that we suggest.


Finally, the Italian names that begin with Z. You will see that there are not many, and it is that this letter is less frequent in the language. But, they are still very beautiful names for your baby and with a lot of personality. Here we suggest some.


List of Italian names

If you have not yet found the name you are looking for for your child, we recommend that you broaden your views a little (without having to give up that it is an Italian name). Test to search among names that start with other letters. They can surprise you too!

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