How to read and bring poetry to children

How to read and bring poetry to children

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Poetry is the music and dance of words. Through poetry, children can convey feelings and emotions, and make their imagination and fantasy 'fly'. Antonio Machado He said that 'singing and counting are the two functions of poetry'.

The poetry it is a universal language among children, it makes them grow inside and is an inexhaustible source that benefits their sensitivity and creativity, and helps them understand situations, passions and emotions. Poetry, with its rhythm and melody, leads children by the hand to the essence of words.

Poetry offers many benefits and advantages to children:

1- It favors memory

2- Improve diction

3- Motivates expression and language

4- Wake up feelings and emotions

5- Stimulate the rhythm

Poems and short poems for children

Short poems about love. Short poems that talk about love, special for children. Poems, like stories, are great transmitters of values. Without a doubt, love, in addition to a feeling, is a great value, a universal value. There are many types of love (family, infatuation ...).

Short poems for primary school children. Enjoy these short poems so that elementary school children can recite from memory. We have compiled some nursery rhymes with which students can work on memory, creativity, group work ... Don't miss these poems for elementary school children.

Short poems with few stanzas. We have compiled 6 short poems for children of 2, 3 and 4 stanzas. The protagonists of these nursery rhymes are animals such as birds or whales. If you want your child to become fond of children's poems, propose these verses that are accompanied by children's games

Short poems about Peace. On January 30, the School Day of Nonviolence and Peace is celebrated. On our site we offer you a selection of short poems that talk about peace to teach children what peace is through poetry.

Short poems about animals. We offer you up to 5 short animal poems for children. Animal poems for children. Very short poems to encourage children to read. Very short poems to read to young children. Five very short poems to read to our son. Poems for young children.

Short poems about grandparents and grandmothers. Short poetry for children to recite aloud. Poems about grandparents and grandmothers to cultivate or children's love. Short poems to read with children. On our site we offer you short poems dedicated to grandparents and grandmothers to recite on Grandparents' Day.

Short poems to learn the numbers. Does your child have to learn numbers? We propose a different, original and very enriching way to do it. We have selected several short poems about numbers. Poetry is a good resource for teaching math to children. Try reading these poems to your children.

Short poems about the family. On our site we have selected a series of short poems that talk about the family. It is a small tribute to fathers, mothers, grandparents or siblings in the form of poetry that reminds us of how important family is. Poetry is a nice way to encourage children to read.

Short poems by Gabriela Mistral for children. On our site we offer you a series of children's poems signed by the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral. Gabriela Mistral's poetry is of simple language, very musical, with a personal style and a great abundance of texts dedicated to children, and she was a rural teacher for fifteen years.

9 short poems to read with children. Nursery rhymes to teach and educate children. What do poems bring to children? Short poems by classic authors. 9 short poems to read with children. Very short nursery rhymes to recite with children and motivate them to read, in a fun way. Traditional nursery rhymes to recite with children.

Sleeping songs or lullabies are sung words, they are poetry. When parents sing lullabies to the baby, it will be easier for him to fall asleep because of the intonation and the pleasant feeling of the sung words. They are memories that children will carry for a long, long time. Sung poetry caresses the ears of babies and children, calms them. It is the lullaby of words and music in poetry.

Children are very receptive to poetry. For them, poetry is a magic of words, it is playing with verses. You should start reading poetry to children at the same time you begin to tell children's stories or sing songs to them. It is advisable to find a quiet moment, an hour when they cannot do something else at the same time. Poetry is read in silence.

From the age of four to five, children can be invited to draw what a poem or poem suggests, to dramatize it, and to begin creating their own poetry. Teaching children to love poetry is inviting them to play with words and the music that comes from them, is discovering with them a source of living words, which will be a large part of their education.

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