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Otitis in children and babies. Earache

Otitis in children and babies. Earache

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Otitis is an inflammation of the middle ear (space behind the eardrum), very common during childhood, mainly in children under 3 years of age, who go to daycare and who have accumulated mucus as a result of a cold.

It is usually caused by an infection and is preceded by a cold, the flu, or any other upper respiratory condition with mucus. The Virus and bacteria they reach the middle ear through the Eustachian tube.

Children and babies with otitis will have symptoms, which manifest with Intense pain, putting his hands to his ears. Those affected will also present changes in appetite or sleep, agitation and irritability, discharge coming from the ears, difficulty hearing correctly, nausea and fever.

Middle ear infection produces a accumulation of pus and fluids, that presses on the eardrum, causing pain and hearing loss in the child. It occurs, above all, in cold months, it is very painful and, in very severe cases, it can cause hearing loss, for which a diagnosis and treatment is necessary as soon as possible.

The Eustachian tubes of children, which are a canal that connects the nose and the ear, are shorter and horizontal than in adults. This encourages the mucus from the nose to easily pass into the ear, where it becomes a breeding ground for viruses or bacteria, and otitis develops.

Thus, the infection occurs that causes inflammation and causes pain. This disease is more common in young children because their anatomy favors the passage of germs from the nose to the ear because the path is shorter.

Other causes that can trigger otitis are repeated ear infections, infectious Eustachian tube obstruction, mechanical Eustachian tube obstruction, and allergic Eustachian tube obstruction.

He Medical diagnostic It is performed by examining the inside of the ear with an otoscope, a device that the pediatrician inserts into the ear to check the condition of the middle ear, and is completed with an examination of the airways and throat, in addition to a evaluation of the child's symptoms.

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