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The 10 most common doubts of pregnant women

The 10 most common doubts of pregnant women

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Pregnancy is the beginning of a period in a woman's life full of hope and happiness, but also full of doubts and concerns. The gestation process, childbirth and the puerperium are phases that involve many changes on an emotional and physical level, in addition to the significance of the birth of a child.

For this reason, we want to respond to 10 most common questions of pregnant women, since it is essential that parents are well informed at this stage.

1. How should I eat during pregnancy?
One of the common questions that the future mother asks herself is to know what type of diet she should take and how much. Broadly speaking, the pregnant woman should avoid gaining a lot of weight, but at the same time eat properly. The idea of ​​"eating for two" is wrong, the fundamental thing is to include nutrients such as iodine, iron, folic acid, omega 3 fatty acids in the diet and avoid foods such as saturated fats, sweets and fried and battered foods.

2. Medications in pregnancy
In general, pregnant women should avoid any medications unless their doctor tells them otherwise. It should be taken into account that drugs can pass to the fetus and affect its development.

3. Alcohol, tobacco and coffee
Both alcohol and tobacco are very harmful to the fetus, so the recommendation of specialists is to abandon these habits during pregnancy. According to the caffeine, most researchers agree that small amounts are harmless to the baby. Of course, it should be taken into account that this compound is not only present in coffee, but also in chocolate and in some soft drinks.

4. Traveling by plane pregnant
Another common question that arises is that of air travel. Commercial flights allow expectant mothers to travel freely to the week 28 pregnancy, the limit that many companies mark for restrictions.

5. Sex during pregnancy
Many women hesitate to have sex during pregnancy in case this poses any danger to the baby. Unless there is a medical contraindication, the couple can safely maintain their sexual life.

6. Dyeing hair in pregnancy
Today there is no scientific basis that prevents the use of hair dyes during pregnancy. Experts recommend, as a preventive measure, waiting until after the fourth month of pregnancy.

7. Go to the emergency doctor
The physical changes in the body of women are very noticeable, and some pregnancy symptoms can scare future mothers in case their child's life is in danger. Experts recommend going to the hospital in the case of heavy vaginal bleeding, contractions, fever, persistent vomiting, premature rupture or lack of movements of the fetus.

8. The arrival of delivery
Recognizing the symptoms of childbirth is not that easy for many women. In general, these signs are associated with the arrival of the baby: insertion of the fetus, expulsion of the mucous plug, contractions and the rupture of the amniotic sac.

9. How should I breastfeed my child?
Breastfeeding alone creates multiple doubts. How to position the baby, I have enough milk, remedy the cracks ... You can consult our breastfeeding guide to answer these questions.

10. Recover the figure after delivery
As a general rule, the first month after delivery is recommended that the mother dedicate herself to rest. From that moment on, you can start doing some toning exercise like yoga or Pilates. If this is coupled with a healthy and balanced diet and specific exercise tables for the abdomen and breasts, little by little you will look again.

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