Tips to be a good grandfather or grandmother

Tips to be a good grandfather or grandmother

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Grandparents are a fundamental pillar in today's families. The incorporation of women into the world of work and the economic situation have caused grandparents to pass more time with their grandchildren and take part in their education and daily development.

But it is very important to bear in mind that the figure of the grandfather is different from that of the parents, and although the arrival of the children renews their illusion, they should not assume responsibilities that do not concern them. Here we give you some tips to be a good grandfather or grandmother.

According to American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) American, one of the challenges grandparents face is knowing how involved they can be in raising grandchildren. This organization gives some recommendations to avoid parent-grandparent conflict:

- Do not criticize or judge
Grandparents must respect the rights of parents when choosing how to educate their children.

- Be flexible and open-minded
Grandparents can learn from books and articles on how best to carry out their position and that of their parents. In addition, they will be able to support their children and give them constructive feedback.

- Congratulate and give positive comments
Being parents is overwhelming at many times, so grandparents should support their children and congratulate them for the good work they do.

- Be specific
Acceptable and unacceptable behaviors may differ between grandparents and parents. If the 'yayos' consider that when their grandchildren are with them they should follow their rules, this should be communicated to their children. On many occasions, grandparents will have to give in.

- Always put safety first
Although parental authority must be respected, grandparents must also ensure that they are not mistreated or neglected. In these situations, you should consult with social services.

On many occasions, the employment situation it causes parents to abuse their grandparents' free time in a way and to forget the limitations of their age, and even their state of health.

For that reason the grandparents they must be sincere when establishing their obligations towards raising grandchildren and not becoming the primary caregivers. They should also be communicative with their children, share their doubts with them and ask for help if necessary.

Finally, there is the concept of the so-called 'spoiling' of grandparents towards grandchildren. These can pamper and indulge the little ones, but without exceeding the limits, looking for balance.

Sources:American Association of Retired Persons

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