10 Russian names for boys

10 Russian names for boys

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If you already know that the baby you are expecting is a boy, we propose ten different and original names of Russian origin that may interest you. They are curious names, infrequent names, but they have a strong sonority and different meanings linked to different characteristics related to personality or physical or mental capacities.

In most cases they are names of Russian origin without variants in other languages ​​and most of them have their form from diminutive affectionate used in colloquial conversations.

1. Alek
It means 'helper of humanity' and is a variant of the name of Greek origin Alexander.

2. Alexander
Its diminutive is Sasha, it is the name that Piqué and Shakira chose for their second child. It is the Russian variant of Alexander of Greek origin and means 'the one who is protector'.

3. Alexey
It means 'the one who defends'. It is of Russian origin and its diminutive is Liosha.

4. Dmitry
Its diminutive is Dima: it means 'strong fighter'. It is a name widely used in Russia.

5. Faddei
It means 'energetic and courageous'. In other languages ​​it has variants such as Tadeas in Czech, Thaddeus in English, Tadeo in Spanish, Tad in Croatian, Tadas in Lithuanian, or Tadeu in Portuguese among others.

5. Gavrel
It means 'the one who worships God' and is the Russian variant of Gabriel that comes from the Hebrew.

6. Jasha
Russian variant of Jacobo a name of Hebrew origin that means: 'Impersonator, substitute'. In other languages ​​it is also called: Digo, Jak, Jax, Jacko, Iago, Cobus, Giacomo or Jaime.

7. Mikhail
It means 'victory of the people'. Its diminutive is Misha. In other languages ​​the variants are used: Miguel, Michel, Michael, Mijael, Misael or Micah.

8. Nikolay
It is of Russian origin and its diminutive is Kolia.

9. Vladimir
It means 'lord of the world'. Vova or Volodia are used as diminutives. Russian politician Vladimir Putin is one of the personalities who popularized this name beyond Russia.

10. Yuri or Yura
It means 'he who tills the land'. It is the translation of the name Jorge. Yuri is a common masculine name in Russia, Ukraine and also in other parts of the world like Latin America, Central America and North America.

The diminutives are very useful especially when children have a very big name. They make us call them more easily, at the same time that they allow us to add affective and affectionate values ​​to names.

If you are looking for names for boys, that are Russian and have a nice, original and attractive diminutive on top, check out this list of diminutives of most popular russian names. Aside from traditional, creative, or weird names, many parents choose to give names that have a cute diminutive for their children.

- Alexander - diminutive Sasha. It is a name that means 'defender'. Alexandra version for girls is also used.

- Boris - diminutive Borya. It is a masculine name of Russian origin, from 'baris' which means 'strong, violent' or from 'birislav', which means 'glorious combatant'.

- Dmitri or Dimitri - diminutive Dima. It is a variant of Demetrius, which means 'Lover of the earth'.

- Lenin - diminutive Len and Nin. It is of Russian origin and means 'The one that belongs to the Lena river', a river that is in Russia.

- Lukyan - diminutive Luc or Luca. It is the Russian form of the name Lucas, which comes from the Greek Loukas and which means 'Lucania', a region of Italy. Its meaning is 'Light'.

- Mijail - diminutive Misha. It is the Russian version of the name Miguel. It means 'protector or victory of the people'.

- Nikolai - diminutive Kolya. It is the Russian variant of the name of Greek origin Nicholas, which means 'He who leads his people to victory'.

- Sergei - diminutive Seriozha. It is the Russian and Bulgarian form of the name Sergio, which means 'servant', 'shepherd' and 'protector'.

- Stanislav - diminutive Stas or Slava. It is a masculine name of Slavic origin that means 'to be glorious' or 'to raise Glory'.

- Vladimir - diminutive Vladi. Its meaning is 'illustrious for his power', that is, 'Vlad' (power) and 'mer' (illustrious).

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