3 fun games to teach children the alphabet

3 fun games to teach children the alphabet

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One of the first learning tasks that the little ones have to acquire and integrate in their school stage is the alphabet, being very important and necessary as a basis for the subsequent beginning of reading and writing. And at that time, it is common and understandable that many parents ask themselves: "How can I, from home and in a playful way, teach children the alphabet? "Here are some ideas!

First of all, it is important to break down the alphabet into levels to avoid making the task too long. By breaking it down, we will also get work it more gradually and to be able to obtain greater success in the results.

And it is not the same to work under the idea of ​​27 consecutive letters to memorize, than to do it with 5 levels. These levels, as you can see below, are separated by each of the five vowels:


Once the idea of ​​the levels has been raised, then we propose five fun ways to train, being able to choose between any of the options, according to the preferences and abilities of the little ones: listening skills, motor skills or visual skills,

- Those children with attraction and ease to rhythms, songs and music, we could say that they are children with listening skills.

- Those children with attraction and ease to manipulate objects, touch, assemble and disassemble, we could affirm that they are children with motor skills.

- And finally, we could cite a third group of children with attraction and facility for shapes, images and colors, being able to say that they are children with visual abilities.

With the following proposals, parents and children can have fun and learn beyond the simple repetition and oral memorization of letters:

- Playing with the alphabet through listening skills
In this first proposal, we can use existing videos with songs that help to memorize each of the letters with a rhythm or word (With the A spider, with the B mouth, etc.). But many families can find it much more fun to try to create a song and melody totally their own and as a team, being able to be accompanied, in either case, by instruments (tambourines, drums, triangles, bells, etc.) or simply with the palms of the hands.

- Playing with the alphabet through motor skills
In this second proposal we can use materials such as plasticine, sand, ropes or even our own body. Writing each of the letters of each level, not only using a pencil and a sheet but also offering many other varieties that will favor their integration. For example: manipulating plasticine or strings and creating each of the letters, writing with the finger between the sand on the beach or placed on a plate or imitating the shapes of the letters with the extremities of the body.

- Playing with the alphabet through visual skills
In this third and last proposal, we can use colors and images easily extracted from the internet. The idea is that the alphabet ceases to be a simple black and white stimulus and children can easily remember it through images (A with a spider drawing, B with a mouth drawing, etc.), being able to paint them easily. colors to make the activity much more enriching.

Any of the proposals that we throw at you with fun, so choose the one that you think may attract your little one the most and ...to have fun as a family while we learn!

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