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7 alternatives for family leisure to mobile phone use in children

7 alternatives for family leisure to mobile phone use in children

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In these times it seems that children's leisure is directly linked to access to WiFi. The mobile phone, the video game console, the television, the tablet, everything needs a connection !!! Since we want to throw you the better alternatives for family leisure to mobile phone use in children. After reading them, your life will never be the same again!

When my children's friends enter the house, the first thing they do is ask for the WiFi. And when they have no connection they don't know what to do. Why don't we propose alternative plans for them to make addigital ethox?

He use abusive of mobile devices It has an impact on the health of our children. There are more and more children with problems such as insomnia, muscle and joint conditions, headaches or anxiety. In addition, mobile phones isolate them socially and encourage sedentary lifestyle.

Not to mention that they expose themselves to technological risks or technoaddiction. Therefore, here we offer you alternatives for family leisure to stop the use of mobile phones in children. They will love it!

1. Escape room
Why not organize a family escape room? Escape rooms are spaces where they will put you to the test with brain games for any age. You have to unravel mysteries through clues to be able to leave the room before time runs out. It is super fun! Children will demonstrate logical thinking and learn to solve problems and make decisions. They will feel like the protagonists of an adventure and you will participate together in something that will strengthen the feeling that the family is a great team.

2. Go hiking
Going out to the countryside, walking and breathing fresh air is another of the best family leisure options. Organize an excursion on the weekend. Check the weather information first to ensure that it is going to be a good day. Prepare some sandwiches or some tortillas and go to the mountains. This activity, in addition to being good for cardiovascular health, strengthens the immune system, helps focus and causes us to release endorphins, so only practicing it will we feel good.

3. Listen to music
Listening to music together is a great idea. It is a way of concentrating on a single task, they who are exposed to several stimuli at the same time. Music will help them to better their memory, to express themselves better, and, if it is in English, it will strengthen their vocabulary and, above all, it will stimulate their creativity.

4. Read
Reading is a perfect activity for the digital detox that we propose here. Let them choose what they want to read, listen to recommendations from other mothers and also let yourself be advised by the bookseller who will ask you what tastes your children have and will tell you about the best-selling novels for each age. And let them see you reading too! Reading increases your vocabulary, improves your grammar, and stimulates your imagination.

5. Talk and debate
There are times when you don't need to force a plan. Why don't you just consider talking about any topic? Being with the family and sharing a conversation is something that will help you to better know each other's opinions.

6. Play in the street
This, which was our quintessential activity in our childhood, is dying out due to the use of mobile devices. Do you remember going down to the street and watching the hours go by without any established plan? Well, it would not hurt your children to get carried away by improvisation and play whatever we played as children: counting cars, rope, rope, hopscotch ... Teach them the games of your childhood!

7. Teach him a hobby
If you like photography, crocheting, origami or DIY ... why not pass these hobbies on to your children? They will be very excited to learn something new that they can spend time with while creating. Many times we underestimate their learning abilities. They sure surprise you!

Have you taken note of the Family activities that we propose to address the abuse of mobile phones in children? They are simple ideas that do not require much logistics and that will make you spend an unforgettable family time.

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