Parents who eat healthy, children who are happy

Parents who eat healthy, children who are happy

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One of our main missions is to teach our children to eat, and to do it in a healthy way, because we cannot forget that food is also part of children's happiness.

However, to get them to eat well, first, as parents, we have to become aware of the importance of food, and also, be the model that our children follow to carry it out. In this way the equation would look like this: parents who eat healthy, children who are happy.

For all these reasons, we are going to review some guidelines that we can start to practice at home to make food a ritual that fills us with energy and well-being.

At first you can practice alone or alone, then extend this ritual to the couple, and finally, take it to the family. Try it at least once a week, although more times the better. You will see how you will get to enjoy the moment of food.

- Transmit to your family the importance of eating with conscience, and encourage you to take all possible interest in a healthy diet that increases your vibrations in a positive way.

- Wash and purify your hands before you start cooking or eating. Wear an apron, protect your hair and outline your best smile.

- Play music to feel happy and [email protected] to carry out the ritual. Take care of the space where you will make your creation and the more beauty you have around you, the better. Avoid television or cell phones nearby.

- Give thanks for the food to be taken.

- The more foods taken from the earth are on the table, the healthier you will eat. Includes fresh, live foods.

- Eat consciously, chew calmly and speak the least, to enjoy and savor the moment.

- Try to put food in all possible colors on the table. Nature is wonderful, and it provides us with everything we need.

- If you can, take into account how the animal that you are eating died, they energetically transmit their emotions to us!

- Mix nutrients like seeds, fresh food, natural juices, proteins, and above all, put a lot of love, that's your main ingredient!

- To finish, set a nice table: Decorate it with a special tableware, add beauty with the tablecloth or with some flowers, and involve all the members of the family to assemble it.

- Remember not to eat angry or not to practice important conversations while eating. If you are angry or in a bad mood, food will not sit well in your stomach.

- To finish the ritual, you can accompany you with a tea or natural infusions to help you improve digestion and be [email protected] Spend a few minutes of tranquility after eating.

Practice this ritual during the weekend, if that is when you have more time available. A breakfast, a brunch, a lunch, a snack or a dinner ... any time is good to carry out this ritual!

It will be a great occasion to convey to the family that we have a body that is our temple, and that it is necessary to feed our soul well, because in it we keep what we most appreciate: our heart, the main organ that guards our love.

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