The tyrant child

The tyrant child

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It is unfortunate to reach a situation in which our son can go from being that charming little prince who reigns in our hearts, to the rude child, who rules our life with tyranny, that verbally abuses us, that leaves us in evidence, that emotionally blackmails us, and that every time he distances himself more from us because we do not exercise any authority over him, nor do we arouse his affections because they have no respect for us.

The tyrant child is one who is capricious, who has a low tolerance for frustration, who intimidates his parents through tantrums in public and threats, when he does not get what he wants (whether or not it is convenient for him), his demands are constant , his absolute disobedience, and he does not stop challenging us to know how far we are willing to give in.

Of course, it is best to stop this undesirable behavior as soon as possible and, in no case, allow ourselves to be carried away by excessive permissiveness with our children. It is clear that to offer a good education to our children, someone has to captain our family's ship and this someone is the parents. We must not confuse authority with authoritarianism.

Wisely exercising authority with our child is fundamental, since authority is not something unthinking, impulsive, or excessive power, it is not about the father on a pedestal of omnipotence, nor the exercise of excessive power or repression towards our children. children, authority supposes an arduous and painful task for parents, it is maturity and responsibility (without rest or holiday weekends), to make our child the best possible individual, without abandoning our affections, closeness and trust with him.

The exercise of the natural authority of the father towards the children is not incompatible with love and affection, with communication with them and with our enjoyment of parenthood. My mother-in-law once told me: 'I have never considered myself a friend of my children, I have always been their mother'.

With this, he did not want to tell me that he has shown us his love, if not that precisely because he loved his children, he has exercised his role of educator and not that of 'an equal' or friend. It seems clear that without clear limits and rules to comply with, society would go upside down and the little tyrants would come out from under the tiles.

I love to think that when I am a grandmother, everything will be easier, since I will be able to love and enjoy my grandchildren, without the burden of being responsible for their education (even if some advice or recommendation comes out of my mouth). As parents we have a very important role to play, no one can supply us with it and children cannot and do not know how to educate themselves.

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